Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fresh Start

I dreamt about an old friend last night, or rather about her hair. She had cut it, and the line across the back of her neck was so perfect, that I could not help but be infatuated with it. I think this dream is about fresh starts. With a new year just around the corner, many of us are imagining ways we can "cut off the dead ends", and start anew. I think downsizing is one of the ways to achieve this. If you hang on to what's really important to you, and ditch the rest, you will open up your life to living, instead of working to support all of your stuff.


Dominica said...

That's what I said !
I do the ditching stuff twice a year...2 years ago I read an article about hapiness and friendship...
Is a friendship tiring for you ?
Then think again if he/she is worth al your time or effort.
I thought I had some 'great' friends/family but they were only interested in me when it suited them and didn't want to hear any other story but shallow or funny. So mentally these persons did not feed my brain nor brought a good message or cared for the outside world and the misery in the less privileged countries and it's people...
So that's when the ditch-work started...and you know what ? After a month or 6 it caught my brain that I wasn't missing or felt a lacking for these creatures...This was the best tip I ever had !

take care !

diane said...

This is a wonderful response, Dominica, thank you so much.