Sunday, January 11, 2009


While huddled over my radiator to keep warm this morning, looking out at the newly fallen snow (we had a snow storm yesterday), I was reminded of conversations with my father when he lived in Florida and I was in Pennsylvania. He would ask me about our cold weather, and then he would say "Yeah, it's about 68 degrees here. I've got the windows open to let the breeze blow through, because it was so hot in here earlier today". Why do people who live down south always have to rub your nose in it? Anyway, while I continued to look out at the snow, which is too beautiful for words, I noticed that my neighbors had come out, one by one, to shovel their pathways. Their dogs were running and jumping in the snow, and oh, look, here come the little kids in their snowsuits, don't they look cute? So then I remembered that when I lived in Florida I hardly ever saw my neighbors. But living here, I see my neighbors all of the time, and I LOVE my neighbors (I have great neighbors, really). I don't think I would trade that for one single balmy afternoon, if it came right down to it. I'll just keep telling myself that all winter.

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