Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Embarrassement of Riches

Voila - a small sampling of Christmas bootie: Leggings - Adrienne Vittadini, Hand beaded "Moon & Star" cardigan - Adrienne Vittadini, Very Cool "Silver Saucer" belt - unknown, Bag - Carlos Falchi, Shoes - Front First by Walter Na. What I love about the shoes is the "tuxedo ruffle" front detail and solid heel. The detailing of the Carlos Falchi bag just blows my mind! The "glimpse" of painting behind the assortment is a huge oil by Lloyd Raymond Ney (you can google him). I haven't had the time to absorb this new stuff into my existing wardrobe, plus we're rather snowed in, so the only place to wear it is around the house. In addition, I received a very cool full length black suede skirt (I might photo that one at a later date), a couple of Roxy hoodies that I've been wearing non-stop, tons of cool books and magazines, a beautiful scarf, and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now. Damn!


Isabel said...

Possibly the coolest leggings I've ever seen! Happy New year and thanks for being a consistent commenter on my blog. It is much appreciated!

diane said...

Thank you, Isa. I guess your taste in animal prints has changed since Feb. 2006.