Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Magazines

Who doesn't love "free", raise your hand? Here's some tricks to get free magazines:
Want to learn more about an industry?
Try 1. 2.
Want magazines for fashion, home decor, ect.?
Try offers 3 magazines for 3 months with purchase.
Some things you should know -
You may have to cancel after a probation period to avoid a subscription.
You may be asked to register or fill out a survey to qualify.
It often times helps if they think you are a business, too. I give "Imaginative Conceptions" as my business, and tell them I'm in management. I have gotten tons of free stuff this way, especially for my "waiting" room. And the best part, it's not a lie, because it really does take a lot of imagination to keep my household running.
Kiss, kiss.


Siska said...

I love these magazines stores!

Anonymous said...

cool! :)

La C.

Dominica said...

As addictive as dark chocolate !

Dr Zibbs said...

Thansk for the tip!!

Cait said... those are some nice mags. My mom got a free Sandra Lee magazine. I have to say she is one of my favs. because usually we have most of that stuff on hand when I find one of her recipes. Of course, we wonder how much Sandra drinks in a day as many cocktails she's always got a recipe for, but some of those drinks are really good.

Thanks for the advice. I love your comments.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

thanks for the tips! I love magazines :)

Jack Daniel said...

I LOVE magazine but I hardly buy them as some of them are very expensive!