Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pass it On

I'm always giving my neighbors magazines and catalogs (did I mention that I LOVE my neighbors?). It kind-of makes me feel a little bit like Santa all year long. One of my neighbors has teenage girls; they get fashion mags, sale catalogs, and Oprah (for mom). Another neighbor has toddlers; she gets fashion mags, sale catalogs, and parenting mags.
My family is always trading magazines back and forth. National Geographic is a popular one. Throwing literature in the trash seems like such a waste to me. Even if it's something so outdated that no one would want it, I'll pull photos for inspiration before throwing it out.
Pass it On.


The Concrete Commentator said...

Is this your art work? It's adorable! I've been meaning to tell you that I've noticed the Warhol portrait of Liza Minnelli on the wall in in the picture of you on the bed. Love it!

Dominica said...

I recycle my mags also !
It's such a waist to just throw them away !

diane said...

Dear C.C., yes, the sketches are mine. Thanks.
I can't figure out how to be a follower of We'll See. Every once in a while I check back to see.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

must say that it is always good to have a good connection with your NEIGHBOURS.
and you put the magazines to good use :D