Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pulling the Wool Over the Eyes

Since some of us are talking about knitting, I will tell you a story: Before I had children (when I had lots of time on my hands), before my sister-in-law was designing for A.V., she sold some of her own knit sweaters and hats. She gave me some left over wool and I stole one of her designs (sort of), and crocheted my own hat. It turned out rather well. It also scans rather well, so here it is, along with a sketch of it. Now, I don't know anything about crochet. When ever I want to make something, I just "wing" it. So if I can come up with a swell hat that has lasted 30 years, then I am calling on all of you would be knitters to get out there and be creative. Just don't get caught stealing ideas. (You can see the detail better if you click on the image)

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