Friday, January 30, 2009

Rock a Bye Your Baby

This music collection came into my home via my mother-in-law, as a gift to my grand daughter, which makes her the great grand mother; still following this?
I love the concept of lullaby's sung by fathers. Men can be just as nurturing as women, and there is something about that bass voice that has a calming effect. The songs in this collection are beautiful and soothing, and fast becoming one of my favorites for unwinding. If you click on the 2nd image, you should be able to see the artist and country for each melody. Each song is hauntingly beautiful, I swear, especially 1 & 3.


Son of a Thomas said...

I have this cd. (Or I should say my children do. They have loved it at one time or another. I just got thru singing some Beatles to my 2 youngest.

diane said...

SoT, that's adorable, you're going on my follow list. xo

Anonymous said...

You like good music:)

Cait said...

How sweet, that sounds like a nice one to have on hand. I think music really helps through the day..especially lullbies. When we were younger my Mom would have on lots of soft Irish music. But our all time favorite though was "shout" that 80's tune and of course raspberry berret.

Thanks for making my day with your comment.