Monday, February 2, 2009

Fantasy - Mom Knows Best

Did you ever wish you had that "choice selection" screen that Arnold had in the Terminator? Wouldn't that be great? You'd always have the perfect reply or response for every situation. Or how about a "playback" like RoboCop? I want one of those soooo bad, and here's why. Cute hubby swears I didn't tell him things (because he wasn't listening in the first place). I would love to have the perfect response for that, and then show him a playback of me telling him and showing that he was totally not listening. Then finish with "I told you so" (that's from my movie, currently not released). pulling up images for both movies, I realized that I seriously don't ever want to look like either one of those guys, so I'm posting a photo of Audrey Hepburn.


Cait said...

Yeah..I do hate that when they won't listen. It can be the start of ruining the whole day.

Thanks for the comment.

Hmmm...perhaps Bella is her own worst enemy. She is reluctant to motherhood. Since she did so badly with Jane and is doing her best to go by the book with Gib.

Dominica said...

Totally agree !
We girls, have a hard-disc (that's what my hubby keeps telling me) and you just don't argue with that !
And the worst case of not listening is, that he is SO SURE he's right...I could strangle him over that !
Sorry, but men really are from another planet...sometimes I wish I was gay...( or maybe that's even worse, 2 hard-discs together)

diane said...

Wow, thanks for sharing girls.

Son of a Thomas said...

I was in news radio for years and used to interview people so I have become really good at listening. Retention on the other hand is a way different story.