Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fashion Forcast 2009/2010

CIFF Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion & Color Trends According to Fashion Trendsetter, the CIFF Spring/Summer 2009 and Noyon Spring/Summer 2010 collections and trends are all about incorporating pastels into the wardrobe. They are talking about "revamping vintage with the grace of the ephemeral". Pastels, in my opinion, are one of the hardest color choices to pull off, small doses are usually best, lest you wind up looking like a 1970's secretary. God help us all if this becomes a major trend.


Cait said...

It seems to be a strange year for fashion already. I do wonder where its going..and then no project runway, either..I guess.

Thanks for the note. It is a little controversy I suppose with bathing or showering with your kids. I thought it might be a fun one to bring up between Gordy, Rachel & Jane who's becoming more verbal. I showered with mostly my Mom when I was a baby til probably almost three..just for those..I don't have time for this times when my Mom was in a rush. & I must have bathed with my brother til we were probably five & seven. Maybe thats why everyone used to say we were like an old married couple. We were really close when we were little.

Oh, its funny how a few interpret Rachel as the 'bitch' when actually, you have to be that way just to get things done.

Anonymous said...

That is cool.
And I don`t smoke.I tell in my blog that I feel bad because I was on the clubb were was so much smoke around.:)

diane said...

RE Choo:
You misunderstood me, that's why I said 2nd hand smoke is worse.

La Couturier said...

that first sketch is so simple, but beautiful.

La C. :)