Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to You, My Darlings

Here's a poem for you, that I love, from someone named Banksy, whoever that is (thank you Banksy).

Beyond watching eyes
With sweet and tender kisses
Our souls reached out to each other
In breathless wonder.

And when I awoke
From a vast and smiling peace
I found you bathed in morning light
Quietly studying
All the messages on my phone.


Dominica said...

Thank you for this lovely poem...(as for cupcakes, check out the link on the word LUCKY below...:-)
in my V-day's post ...
Enjoy that creamy, buttery - rosy cupcake !

Cait said...

Now thats a modern day romance poem. Love it. Love the art too.

Thanks for the comment, as always. Funny, how I can dwell on one event when I'm writing..lots of snow here..but the sun is out.

Happy Valentines day!