Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Comfy Cozy Crazy Cat

After waking early, from a slumber much like that of a sleeping cat, I stretch, I yawn, sip some coffee, look at the ice-world outside, and see what is happening in my online world. Garance's story today was dreamy (Garancedore). Vic (Whatwereyouthinking) always makes me laugh. Dominica (facesandplacesofantwerp) is a dear girl, who is starting to feel like a far away sister. Cait's story line today (dk;dc) gave me something to relate to. As for the men (facehunter, getyourplanerightontime, Thesartorialist, Daniel'sgraphiclife), great fashion photos provided by all, some real eye candy to sweeten my cup of morning coffee. So, I am feeling warm and fuzzy right now, much like a toaster in a cozy, except without the obvious fire hazard thing. Thanks to all of you (I know there are some I didn't mention, but you are loved just the same) for your kind and motivational comments. We'll see what today's quarantined (refer to yesterday's post) experience brings, hopefully some of this sappy feeling will dissipate, and I'll be posting normally again. Until then, I love you all just as much as someone who's had too much to drink (without the side effects- puking, pregnancy, thinking I can fight as good as Bruce Lee). A bientot. xo


dn;dc said...

Thanks for the awesome note. Oh..well, my little brother so hated being the youngest. I swear to this day, people still ask my mom about her other kid..that he told everyone she was going to have. He would draw pictures, leaving them everywhere. I'm sure he would have made a great big brother. & well, I love listening to kids come to the library about 'their world'..it is quite interesting.

Oh, I do so love this sketch. It has to be one of my favorite of yours. This one really needs to be on ..at least note cards.

diane said...

Cait: I used to beg my mother for a little brother too (hahaha). Kids have such a great innocent view of the world.
Thanks for the compliment. I love cats, but can't ever have one of my own due to allergies. xo

XAVS said...

Fantastic, I strech too! Well, I woke up on the right side today, but in the last few weeks...mama! I had such an awfull luck...

diane said...

XAVS: I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better, that was some write-up today! Happy Tuesday, xo

Vic said...

Thanks for the kind mention! You make me laugh too.
Also I'm envious of the sleeping part. I love that cozy feeling, especially when the alarm isn't going off in your ear. :)

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