Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award, or The Longest Speech in History

I have been honored by Dominica of Faces and Places in Antwerp with a fabulous blog award, but ah,ah,ah...there's a catch. I have to nominate and link 5 of my favorite blogs for the award. This is easy stuff for most of you, but not for someone like me. I'm the one who can't comment on your pages because I can never get the word verification box to work, it's impossible. So, I am going to trust you to find the links on my blog, see them? Look to the left, Brilliant Sources for Inspiration, that's it, there's all of my favorite blogs, you found them! Aren't you the clever one, see how smart you are? And isn't it nice to know how much smarter you are than me? This is actually working out pretty well. O.k., now let me tell you about some of them, and then you can feel free to click on their link on my list, et voila!, you are on their page.

See the little dot at the top of the list? It's really tiny. That's the symbol for a brand spanking new blog called Lords of Fashion Fiends. I think it's a great blog already. Very cool & cute. Feel free to go right over there and tell them I said so.

Now I am going to lump some together to save time. The men's blogs. They are: Concrete Commentary (awesome photography in NYC), Daniel's Graphic Life (awesome photography in Amsterdam), Face Hunter (awesome photography in London), Get Your Plane On Time (awesome photography in Australia), The Sartorialist (awesome photography in NYC), Son of Thomas (humorous and sweet), That Blue Yak (hysterical, and he knows it), XaviWorld (always posing the thought provoking question). Sometimes the photographers visit each other's towns, and sometimes the funny guys visit each other's blogs. You get the picture (pun intended).

You still here?

Lets list the great fashion girls blogs:
Babydoll Rage, Choo's Box, Faces & Places of Antwerp, Fashion Pirates, Fashion, my only Love, garance dore, Hipster Musings?, la boudoir, la couturier, La Divina, Swank Heights, and street-inspiration. Each one is great for their photos, commentary, and insight into what makes each one of us the happy little fashion divas we deserve to be.

Coolhunter gets an honorable mention for the all-time coolest blog ever.

dk;dc is my daily soap opera, I would read it even if I had to crawl to the computer with my last ounce of strength.

And last, but certainly not least, is What Were You Thinking, which makes me laugh so hard my milk comes out of my nose.

Now, go on, get out of here. You've got a big list of blogs to read that are better than this one. Don't forget about me though, o.k.? kiss, kiss xo


Dominica said...

Nothing bad in changing the rules a little bit !
I only mentioned 5 blogs instead of 10 haha...
Thanks for sending us something special...looking forward to it !
Hope it comes safely down here by (snail)mail (actually, they're on strike for 3 days when I speak)

PS love the way you posted this award-theme and how you mentioned all your favourites..

diane said...

Dominica: I hope I didn't break the chain. I can't bring myself to leave anyone out, because I love everyone on my list. xo

Cait said...

Thank you so much...that made me laugh. Hopefully, I'm not too ridiculous. Thanks again.

Well, I love your art...and your many wisdoms.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!I like that!xoxo

diane said...

Cait: My artwork is like stick figures compared to some others, but thanks just the same. (and you're never ridiculous)

Choo: Thank you. Feel free to take the award and post it on your page.

Vic said...

Congratulations on your award!
You are a genius, and so diplomatic in the "name 5" game! I'm honored to have been mentioned, and sorry about the milk. My husband got a fry stuck in his nose once, which I just mention to say that food and beverages really shouldn't be there, and I'm obviously still really tired.
Love ya :)

diane said...

Vic: Thanks, right back at ya babe! Go ahead and take the award for your page if you want it.

At least food is a "flexible" thing to have stuck there. A friend's son got a piece of his erector (no pun intended) set stuck up there, and had to have it removed in ER. My youngest daughter used to stuff cookie crumbs up there, maybe she was saving them for later.

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks, many many thanks Diane.
I really appreciate this.

I loved being mentioned so much, I made a screenshot of the page and I will save it forever! :) Haha.

And thanks for mentioning the blog: Lords of Fashion friends. It's a really cool blog and it makes you even a more hip, trendy lady. :P

diane said...

JD: I'm glad this made you so happy, you deserve to be mentioned frequently. Yeah, how about those 2 girls at Lords of Fashion Fiends? They're having fun with their blog, and it's contagious!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I always find it difficult to obey to rules, so yea, they are there to break them anyway!

diane said...

TMWKTM: That is very understanding of you.

The Concrete Commentator said...

awww.. Diane! I just saw this.. your so sweet! Is this like one of those chain letter things? I'm never good at them. I keep posting for people like you, who enjoy tuning in frequently for little doses of NYC