Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've heard it said that after Bette Davis was ill, you could tell she was feeling better by how quick tempered she was....so it is with me today. I must be on the mend, because my usual joy at receiving a new catalog was replaced with wtf-ism.
First, Free People has beautiful clothing with beautiful details, no argument here. But, could they please get their coordinating efforts together, and make an outfit that makes sense? I am never going to jump on the "harem pants" bandwagon, I always thought they were "wtf was I thinking" pants. So, here we have an absolutely brilliant shirt, a real statement piece, put together with the crotchless wonders. And way to wrap a piece of foil around your head (I know it's a scarf, but whatever).
Second, Alloy is selling the python platform sandals that were hot for resort wear last fall. Too late! The cork heels are kind of "now" though. I wish the Kelis stilettos would just disappear. Knock, knock, helloooo, the reason you don't know which shoes I'm talking about is because you forgot to click on the image. Man, I'm cranky today. O.k., I'm going to stop now, before I get myself into trouble.


dk'dc said...

Those folks are quite quirky. Interesting..but would I be caught in that....

Oh, thanks for the comment.

Hmmm..well, there is this guy who reminds me a lot of this "actor" ..beautiful eyes. he should really be on a WB show..at least. And after we've had so many conversations about the strangest things..um, yeah, something, just might be wrong.

Dominica said...

Aghaghaghaghagh....ok...i'm not going to make you more pissed off than you already are...
Let me make your day Diane...I've got your package in the mail !!!!!!!!!!!!
And OMG, is that girl a HAPPY girl now !
She and I tjank you so much for the gesture !
I took advantage of the fact that I've got your address now ! No !! I'm not going to knock on your door in just 5 minutes ...(that would make you feel even more f*cked up, because you weren't prepared...;-) --no, it's just a way to say thank you !!
Big kiss & hug XXX

diane said...

Cait: I'm so glad you know where I'm coming from.

The guy, on your page, gorgeous! Friend of yours?

Dominica: What is that noise? I think that maybe you don't agree with me, but that's o.k.
I'm so glad the little package made it's way across the ocean safe.
(Did I already tell you how much I love your hair?)

La Couturier said...

Haha, I always love your posts.

Hope you're feeling loads better! =] And Harem pants; I'm not sure if I can love them yet... well, not on myself, at least!

La C.

diane said...

La C: Thank you, thank you, this is the kind of validation I'm looking for, because now I know for sure I'm not crazy. (I am feeling much better tonight) mwaaah! Right back at ya.

Anonymous said...

yeah I know what U mean, sometimes to too hope to see wearabable outfits in fashion mags.. but maybe you they are more of those "inspiration" pics mh..love those platforms!

diane said...

Jasmina: The platforms in the first pic are nice, you are right.

Lauren and Jennifer said...

Those shoes are great!