Monday, March 16, 2009

P F Flyers Review, sort of

I got my PF Flyers in the mail today, yea! Let me start at the beginning: Stacy at La Boudoir ran a contest in Feb. to win a pair of "cousy" PF Flyers, exact replicas of the original 1956 design. Wasn't that so cool of her? Anyway, I thought I would enter on the off chance of winning, I never win anything ever, but what the heck. Lo and behold, here they are, merci beaucoup Stacy! These are no ordinary sneaker, no. On the box, the description (description on the box means this is a very exciting pair of shoes) states, "The ONLY active shoes with the rigid wedge", and goes on to inform:
1. The important "P-F" rigid wedge helps keep body weight on outside of normal foot - decreasing foot and leg strain - increasing comfort and endurance.
2. Sponge rubber cushion.
O.k., so, I open the box and see this very cool pair of black sneaks with a red & white stripe down the heel, at this point I am literally squealing with joy. My grand daughter gets excited at this point too, running around the room with a piece of packing tape. Little does she know, these awesome retro travelers will be making possible lots of discovery walks around the neighborhood on warm days to come. Stacy, you are amazing & generous, and I can't thank you enough. Anybody reading this should go to your very girlie blog right away and check out your complete fabulousness. Nuff said, but you are my new best friend. (hope that didn't sound stalker-like or anything) xo


Diana said...

Aw I have a pair of these. I feel bad wearing them because they were pricier than regular Converse. Aren't these lovely? You should model them :)

diane said...

Diana: You are right, I need to do a few outfit posts.

drollgirl said...

you are making me REALLY REALLY want a pair! dang it!

Dooder City said...

very cute!! love these.

shopinchic said...

There are really cute shoes!

Liberty London Girl said...

Have toi say I love them too. But never quite forgiven PF Flyers for 'gifting' me a pair at Lollapalooza's VIP suite, and then obviously deciding I was NOT important enough to actually follow through and send me a pair! LLGxx

ps hmm there's a blog post there!

Dominica said...

Lucky you and indeed - they look FABULOUS !
And I agree with Diana :
Close ups and strike a pose Diane !!

Cait said...

I think they are much more comfy than Converse. But mine are white..and pretty much a mess.

Now don't you feel spring has arrived now. With those?

Beautiful day here.

Yeah, nothing like a car to get one started in life. Thanks for the note.

Laura. said...

not really my thing anymore... but they look nice and comfy.

and yes your right topshop does have too much to offer... and I don't have the money!

Girl Interrupted said...

YaY! You won! :P Enjoy your cool sneakers

Told you I'd drop by ... very nice blog! :) x

diane said...

drollgirl: Yeah, but I was dreaming the hardest.

Dooder City & Shopinchic: Yes, they are.

Liberty London Girl: I can't believe they did that to you, that is sooooo wrong.

Dominica: You are too kind.

Cait: I'm with you, it was nice here too, and I had a long walk with my grand daughter, hehe.

Laura: That was smart of you to leave your site address. I hope all of the other girls give you a visit.

Girl Interrupted: Thanks.

Stacy said...

Glad you like them!

diane said...

Stacy: Like is not the operative word here. LOVE them. Thank you so much, it's really late and I still have them on. xo

May Kasahara said...

it totally looks rude right? but it's my ring finger LOL ♥

I am super jealous of your flyers. they are so classic chic.

* * *