Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Current Obsessions
1. Delicious Endoci Platform Pumps - 19.99
2. Zinc Seagull Platform Pumps - 49.99
1. Monet Studded Boots - 36.80
2. Fringe Open Toe Boots - 34.80 Brightening Kit - 9.99 (Includes organic face wash, brightening serum, and moisturizer)

Truffles - Priceless (hehe)

Click on the title - Current Obsessions - for an extra treat.

Peace and love, xo


drollgirl said...

how can those shoes be so inexpensive?!@?!?!? crazy!

and truffles. DAMMIT, THEY LOOK GOOD!!!!

Sassy said...

Oh, thank you dear, that's so kind of you!

Oh, shoes shoes shoes, they are all hot, but I like the second pair the most!

Have a nice day!

Dominica said...

If I eat too much of those marzipan truffles (we call them "patatjes" (now, let me hear you say that !)) I'm afraid those heals will crack under my weight ...:-//

miriam said...

mmm, the seagull platforms are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

those shoes from Forever 21 omg!!! why don´t I have that shop in here :oo

diane said...

Girls, I just checked on the first pair, and they only have them left in sizes 7 & 10. So, you either have to be a munchkin or a female wrestler.

Kay said...

Mmm truffles!
I love the second pair of shoes, all good picks

Cait said...

I want those truffles so badly. Oh, the wind has gone. Very nice...but not sure for how long.

I do so love the shoes too.

Thanks for the note. Well, I've noticed lately, just making an appointment can be such a headache with doctors.

Hope you are getting ready for a fun Easter with your family.

Vic said...

Truffles! Mmmm.

I wear size 7 shoes, and I'm not too munchkin-y. :)

La Couturier said...

Thanks to your suggestion of Cutesy Girl a while back for my ridiculously small feet, I've ordered a pair of heels that I'm SO excited about - they're coming Monday =]

And thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments, ever =]

La C. <3

Dooder City said...

i love the second pair the best. so adorable.

Girl Interrupted said...

I like the first pair the most, closely followed by the second pair.

*sigh* I feel some retail therapy coming on

JFK Jean said...

The studded boot and the platforms look very similar to the ones I saw at Topshop earlier today

diane said...

Ladies, We obviously all have the same taste in shoes. Maybe we should form some sort of "shoe support group". (Hi, my name is Diane and I'm a shoe-aholic).

Vic, nobody said you have feet like a munchkin; well not directly, anyway. You have the same size as La C, so you are in very good company.

Girl Interrupted: I am so shocked you didn't like the "Monet" boots the best. I don't know why I thought you would.

The Concrete Commentator said...

love the studded boot!

Michelle said...

Your right truffles are priceless!!!

Great post!

diane said...

CC: Yea! I love the studded boot, too.

Michelle: Welcome, and if you must know, truffles are my downfall.

Poshhh said...

i love those shoes, you should check out the shoes at
you would probably love a lot of them..xo