Saturday, April 11, 2009

Famous Faces Quiz Winner!

AND THE WINNER OF YESTERDAY'S QUIZ IS.....drumroll................................Girl Interrupted!!!!! You got the most answers correct without looking at the book; looking at faces on the web is o.k.. Runner up (yes, two prizes, surprise!) is Dominica.

Thanks to all of you for your guesses. I think the men are especially brave for trying.

To collect your prize, e-mail me your measurements and a shipping address.
My e-mail is

Congratulations! And Happy Easter!


diane said...

The answers are posted at the end of the quiz. xo

Dominica said...

hahahha - jippie ! This is even better than the chocolate eggs I found this morning !
Measurements ??? WTF ?
Clothes, head, feet, breasts ....exactly what size do you need darling Diane ?
You can find my shipping address on my temp. website
Just add "attn Dominica..."

thanks so much Diane !!

JFK Jean said...

Congrats love, I managed to only get Julia Roberts lol

diane said...

Dominica: Send me measurements for everything, I will tailor your prize specifically for you. Don't expect anything hand sewn as I am using the term "tailor" loosely. xo

Girl Interrupted said...

OMG!! YaY! :P I never win anything!!!

Thanks Diane!!! I'll e-mail you my details asap :D xx

miriam said...

ah, damn... i wanted to win so badly. better brush up my skills on famous faces.