Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meditative Walking Through a Softer Life

Sometimes we come to a complete standstill, it just happens. We get up, have our coffee, and the creative juices refuse to flow. What can you do? Here's a few ideas:

Be generous - Do at least one thing for someone who needs help.

Be selfish - Do at least one thing just for you.

Put lavender sachets under your pillows - You'll sleep better, and everything will smell fresh and summery.

Clean your closet - Pack up those very trendy pieces of clothing you hardly wore last season and give them to Goodwill.

Change your lightbulbs from frosted to clear - To make your home more sparkling.

Write a real letter to a friend - Who doesn't love getting real mail?

Change your everyday watch for a more colorful one.

Get a library card.

Put a bottle of Apple-Cider vinegar in your bathroom cabinet - You can use it as a rinse after shampooing and conditioning, or even as a shampoo itself. It will leave your hair shinier and healthier, especially if you rinse it out with cold water. As a face rinse, it stimulates blood flow and cleanses softly.

Final thought: Never interrupt when you are being flattered.

Have a nice day. xo


drollgirl said...

WHAT FANTASTIC TIPS! i am going to reread them and save this post.

love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful list! i will be sure to refer to it on those standstill-y days.

TrodoMcCracken said...

Why not a bottle of Vodka in your medicine cabinet? I hear work is alot funner when you come in smelling like Vodka.

diane said...

drollgirl & heartshapedmorning: Thank you, it's kind of brief, but I was taking into account our blogging attention span.

TrodoMcCracken: Welcome, you are hilarious! I immediately went to your blog, which is scarily funny, but I cannot leave a comment on it as I am vbc (verification box challenged).

SkylersDad said...

May I add, if you have a cold with a cough, take a strong laxative. You will be too afraid to cough anymore.

Dominica said...

Does it have to be in this order ?

I DO love the idea of writing a 'real' snailmail letter ...actually, I did last week and put it in a PIP card, just like the one I send you a few weeks ago.
I had it in my pocket for 4 days...today I got the chance to deliver it in person (and I'm not a postwoman...)

cait said...

Just what I needed to hear. Especially, about that lavender. I finally got myself some "leaves" to put in some "hearts" I'd made. I was stengy with the leaves since they go a long way.

I need more cidar vinegar.

Thanks for the note. My Mom's best friend has problems with her daughters..instantly not talking to her. Thanks for you feedback.

Its warming up. Finally.

miriam said...

so true! all of it. and about "real mail", i got one today from my sister. but i can't remember the last time i got something else than bills through my letterbox.

Vic said...

I'm going to try the apple cider vinegar. Will I smell like Easter egg dye?

diane said...

Skylersdad: Is the evidence of that in your laundry?

Dominica: I still have that card out, it's so cute, thank you!

Cait: I have always loved the smell of lavender, I keep soaps of in in with my lingerie.

miriam: There is nothing like a sister who loves you enough to mail you a letter :)

Vic: The key here is "rinse".

Girl Interrupted said...

Wow! Some great suggestions. Diane ... I want to try the apple cider vinegar too!

Girl Interrupted said...

Oh and hey ... have you ever checked out PrincessImp's blog?


Every time I read it I think of you, I think you might find some of her posts really interesting.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

This is lovely - i'm very impressed with Apple-cider vinegars credentials! I may need to try it myself. I'm currently in the process of making my own apple cider, but to drink :)

JFK Jean said...

I thought writing letters were a lost cause? My dilemma is how does one get a friends address without the friend gaining suspicion?

I most certainly need to get a library card.....

diane said...

Girl I: Thank you so much for that link! I had been to her page a while ago, and couldn't remember how to get back.

Pretty Little Pictures: Of course you are making your own cider. Where do you find the time, with getting your store going and making those skirts?

JFK Jean: That could be a problem. You could tell them you just got a new address book and you are putting them in it. How's that?

PrincessImp. said...

Great points! Especially the last one :)

Jack Daniel said...

Are these tips yours? So nice! :)

About the receiving letters tip...i LOVE receiving letters but I prefer receivinf packages of big envelopes. :)

Kay said...

I like these tips! Lovely post

diane said...

Princessimp & Kay: Thanks.

JD: Ohhhh, I love that too (hint, hint).

frances said...

love these tips, they're really cute. I'm definitely on a mission to send more real mail! I'm so glad you like my blog. x

Mark Kreider said...

Like your blog, like the way you think... I'm following.

http://fromthenorthfork.com/ if you feel like it.