Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Not a Race, Really.

Me: Yea! My flowers are up! How's that garden growing?


Hippiegirl said...

beautiful garden and i like your casual look :)

diane said...

Hippiegirl: Yeah, casual is just how I roll. How about that one row of plants in our dust patch?

Prunella Jones said...

Good for you! The only thing I can ever seem to grow is weeds.

However, if they ever legalize pot I will be all set!

SkylersDad said...

Are you going to buy a big farm tractor?

Vic said...

That second picture is exactly how I do gardens.

diane said...

Pru: I never actually said it was me who planted the flowers.

SkylersDad: Yes, and we'll park it next to the silo.

Vic: Which you seem to be o.k. with. Notice how unhappy Cute Hubby looks.

cait said... sweet. well, its a garden in progress..don't want to plant it all too soon..My dad almost lost it when the bunnies already got his tomatoes. He's going to plant corn today..he told me.

Thanks for the note. Well, I don't ever have dinners, but my folks do, and we have fun all getting together for them. Its very casual. Lots of wine and stories. Some day I'd like for my boyfriend and my brother to cook together(I don't cook much). hahahaha..They were friends before I met him. Actually, the girl my brother broke up with started dating my boyfriend before..we dated. We were friends then. I have say I'm glad they both broke up with her. That's someone who won't be coming to dinner.

drollgirl said...

your flowers are LOOKIN' GOOD!!!!

diane said...

Cait: Come to think of it, I met Cute Hubby through one of his best friends. So anyway, what time do we eat? I'll bring the wine.

Drollgirl: Thank you. They have all died since this photo was taken. sigh.

Girl Interrupted said...

They look so pretty. What kind of flowers are they? Daffodils?

I don't really do gardening ... concrete is my friend :P

Morena Daisy said...

I have this slight obsession with flowers.

Nice post. :)

Stop by sometime:

Traceytreasure said...

You win!! Pretty flowers!!


P.S. Traceytreasure.blogspot is mine too, it's just my therapy blog.

More hugs!!

diane said...

Girl I: You guessed right. Concrete is my friend when I'm in heels.

Daisy: The flowers on your blog are amazing; you got me beat.

TraceyTreasure: Thanks. Hugs right back at ya! xo