Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Town

Here's a few shots from around town:

This is Dalinda. Isn't she pretty? She's going to let me do her make-up. And maybe a few street fashion shots. I've actually known about this for a while, and so I scored a great make-up book by Iman, when I was on va-ca, for ideas.

I thought this old church was really cool. I love the turret.

I think this window is a barber shop, but I've never seen it open for business.

We named our new car "Justine". Sweet.


denise said...

that barber-shop looks like it's taken from a horror-movie i think.. maybe i've seen to many of them, haha. but it has that old creepy feeling over it.
good luck with the make-uping! ;)

Slyde said...

those are some great pics!

Dominica said...

Justine ?? Like our our #1 tennis player Justine Henin...I must admit, I'm also giving people, places and objects names ...sometimes flattering and sometimes not so flattering :-)

The woman in this post is really pretty ; model-like and I'm looking forward to those pics of her !

Dooder City said...

I have to admit I am completely entranced by the barber shop. It is so awesome. i would want that set up in the corner of my apartment so I can freak people out.

I love that you named your car! We did too. My bf bought a black mini cooper and we named it Webster!

Traceytreasure said...

Hi Diane!

Your town is very cool!! I love anything with a history!! That church is awesome!! Have fun with Dalinda!! She's very beautiful and probably won't need much makeup!! Have fun though!! Girly stuff rocks!!

As per your comment to me about the bush, I actually think muffins, are just that, muffins!! ;)

As per your comment on my post, thank you, dear friend. I'm sorry about your mom and I appreciate you and your 2 cents more than you'll ever know....


XAVS said...

I love the barber-shop! Seriously...looks awesome!!!
Nice to see your area...;)

drollgirl said...

JUSTINE! i love your new old car. my bf has a 67 plymouth fury. it is a mean motherfucker and it is so hot. it needs a lot of work, but whatever. way cooler than all the plastique shit cars that are all over the place. yup, i have one, but i still like the old cars!

sorry for the potty mouth language above. apparently i am feeling very sailor-ish today.

Vic said...

Justine is the perfect name for that car!

Your town has character - I like that!

diane said...

Denise: I know what you mean. Our town is very "Night of the Living Dead", which was filmed not far from here.

Slyde: Thanks. You might say they're "dreamy".

Dominica: We named her Justine after a song from the 60's. Yeah, Dalinda's really pretty, one of the prettiest women in our town.

Dooder City: Webster is the perfect name for a mini cooper. I think if you had a display like the barber shop in your apartment, your guests would be very afraid.

TraceyTreasure: Well, if that wasn't the most cheerful comment ever! I got a kind of a warm, happy feeling from reading it.

XAVS: There's nothing fancy or chic about where I live. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing it.

Drollgirl: The great thing about owning a cool old car is, mechanics love working on them and will usually undercharge you just to get their hands on it.

Vic: Which character? What? Oh...never mind.

Morena Doll said...

Aww your town is so adorable. I love these shots.

And yes she is totally pretty, I'm sure when you do her make up she'll get even prettier!

Hope all is well Diane. :)

JFK Jean said...

I used to have a minor crush on a girt by that name. I only wonder what she's up to....oh well......

Joanna Jenkins said...

My family names all their cars too!

And I left you a little note on my blog to follow up with your Tag game! Enjoy.

cait said... sweet about the make up thing.

The church reminds me of the church in Carthage NY where we used to live when I was very little.

that barber shop makes me think of something Napolean Dynamite would go too.

Thanks for the note. hmm, good idea about Whitney. Thanks again.

Jack Daniel said...

It´s so cool you´re making pictures of surroundings of where you live!
The church picture reminds me of a club in Amsterdam.