Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'M BACK!!!! Look What I Found.

All of these items are available on clearance at Alloy.com for under $20.00. Notice how I'm not explaining my long absence. Thanks to my bff-followers who sent me encouraging e-mails while my internet was down. I received all of my messages all at once when I got my internet back, so it was like a party. You guys are the best.
As soon as I get some real time to devote to your blogs, I'll start leaving comments. Mwaaaah! xo


cait said...

OH..great. Glad you're back. I was wondering what was happening.

Vic said...

Welcome back!! I didn't email you because Dominica said you'd be out for awhile (didn't want to bug you).
I did miss you though!

Girl Interrupted said...

:D yay! Welcome back Diane! xx

Ooh @ all the good stuff! I especially love the little grey cardigan and the boots!!!

Missed ya! xx

Dominica said...

Here she is ! Told you guys "she'd be back" (in Arnolds Schwarzenegger's voice LOL)

a.r.v.y said...

really cute clothes

nice blog! check out mine

drollgirl said...

DUDE!!! $20?!?!? FUCKING A, that is exciting!!!

and it is nice to have you back. :)

WendyB said...

Cute sandals!

cait said...

Its good to hear from you. Thanks for the note. I know I get hung up from time to time with parts of the story..what did he thinks..what did she think..and before I know it..oh, I was going to do this in the story. And then I have to work extra hours at the lib. Which I should be happy about, but..then I need more sleep. Always something.

Got any big plans for the 4th?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I missed you! I'm sorry you couldn't read my posts. I copied a couple of them and sent them to you. That happens to me on Ami.Mental's blog once in a while. Keep trying. Poodles was having the same trouble as you were reading it. I haven't changed the colors or anything so I guess it's just my luck that you can't read my blog now that you're back.

Big hugs!!

Miss Yvonne said...

The boots are so cute. Too bad I'm not cool enough to wear something like that.

JFK Jean said...

Yes, we all love how there was no explanation haha. We're waiting for it though.......

diane said...

Thank you EVERYBODY for your lovely comments. It's nice to be back.

Joanna Jenkins said...

There you are! Glad you're back.
LOVE the loot! Are you sure you weren't just out shopping :-) xo

XAVS said...

Good for you and welcome back!!! Sounds like you really found good stuff!

Marian said...

hi Diane, how are you honey.
welcome back honey!!
Honey I have noticed something I wanted to mention to you in ref to your blog.
Whenever I visit your blog page, a box opens saying that windows explorer cannot open this page and the immediately closes your page.So sometimes I ihave to keep trying to visit your page many times as each time your site loads up, the message comes up then your page closes.
I have not noticed when I viit any other blogs so i thought id mention it to you.
If no one else is having this issue it may just be my pc.
hope you are well dear!
big kiss,

preppygoesrock said...

i love the studded glads and the gray sweater!!!
check out my blog

Kristin said...

How did I miss those sandals? SO cute!