Friday, June 12, 2009

They Caught Him, And This Time He Didn't Get Away

You guys are the best, I'm sure it was all of your good vibes that kept that creep away from my house until they nabbed him. I hear he's in lockdown with a hefty bail until court, so that means he won't be around for a long time. Since this was certainly not his first offense, he'll be doing some time.

It felt so good to go out of the house today. I spent the whole day bumming around town, taking photos, drinking iced tea, ect. It was such a nice day that I only mowed 1/2 of the lawn, hehe, and left the rest for later. I've got my grand daughter until tomorrow afternoon, so I won't be able to leave comments until after then. Forgive me? Hey! Don't say it, I know I'm a slacker. But you know you love me. kiss, kiss xo


Marian said...

oh I love these boots honey! what a yummy colour!!
happy weekend honey xx

Green-Eyed Momster said...

And, look at you! You're so beautiful!!
I'm so glad that they caught him. Hope he does a lot of time in the pokey. ;)

Have a great weekend!! I'll miss you tomorrow but I think I'll be around on Sunday!!

Big hugs!!

diane said...

Marian: Anytime you compliment me on something I'm wearing/doing, I take it as a huge special thing, you beautiful girl.

Tracey: I only wear these shoes when I'm not chasing the baby around...or running away from maniacs.

Sunday works for me. mwahhh, right back at ya babe. xo

Cait said...

such cool shoes. glad your granddaughter is there. what fun! have a happy weekend. & thanks for the note.

JFK Jean said...

Of course you know I love you. Your damn gorgeous...and at what, age 29 :)? In my wildest dreams I'll land a fox like you.....Time to hunt the streets hard for the blog this weekend!

Dominica said...

GREAT shoes ! The colour is awesome and did I catch a glimpse of some DYI necklace from "Meagan with love ..."
(or am I just stupid ?)

diane said...

Cait: She was up at 5:30 this morning! She's napping now.

JFK Jean: You are too kind, you little schmoozer, haha. I'm 50. Now, go out there and land your self a little fox. xo

Dominica: Yes are right, good eyes! I've made two of them, one white & one teal green, and I love them.

Girl Interrupted said...

Oh my gosh! I missed all this, so glad you're ok and that they caught the creep, must've been seriously scary *hugs*

Diggin those shoes!!!