Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Way to Get Married, Ever.

Fashionably Fab at 50 Plus just posted the best wedding march I have ever seen, ever!! If you don't click on it to view, you are really missing something.


Cait said...

Its a fun one!

Vic said...

I was SO hoping the bride would dance in too. Yes!

Girl Interrupted said...

lol I'm SUCH a girl! I'm sitting here all choked up with tears at the sheer joy of it all!! lol THAT is what it should be about, a real celebration ... it almost makes me rethink my ideas of marriage and weddings and my determination never to do either.

And the bridesmaid dresses were wonderful, really effective in their simplicity ... and I loved that they were holding Gerbera's, which are one of my favourite flowers.

That was great, thanks ever so much for sharing, Diane xx

The Peach Tart said...

This is the best. What a creative bride to do this.

Dominica said...

HILARIOUS and I want to get married again now !!!!

Lulu said...

Hi friend - thanks for the fab post - I can see how you've been compared to all of those women from your previous post too - only THEY should be compared to YOU!!


Thanks for the extra shout-out - soooo unnecessary, but appreciated - I commented there but was afraid that you wouldn't see it - the guilt the guilt!

Can you tell my mom's in town?