Friday, July 17, 2009

Fall 2009 Wardrobe, 13 Key Pieces For Under $200.

Put the blame for my shopping spree on Maegan of love Maegan (her link is on my side bar). Her outfit posts are beyond compare. Anyway, I bought 13 key pieces in basic colors to update my fall wardrobe, on clearance from, for $175.77 including shipping. These pieces make up a variety of outfits on their own, and will easily expand my existing wardrobe; example.- the kelly green boyfriend cardigan and black turtle neck top will go nicely with a gray pencil skirt that I already own. The red London wide leg pant gives a burst of vitality, and is an item I've been obsessing over ever since seeing Sonia Rykel's red wide leg pant last season. The black boots come up to the knee, and will look great with any short dress and black tights/leggings. The gray cardigan with 3/4 sleeves is totally bombshell, and I can't believe how soft & rich the wool blend feels. And how about those groovy morrocan sandals? They will relax any dress and instantly bring a bohemian vibe to it.
Yup, you may now proclaim me the Queen of Shopping. Btw, I wouldn't advise photographing clothing out on your lawn unless your neighbors already know that you are crazy.


miriam said...

great pieces!!
you must have really loooong legs : )

happy weekend, hun!


diane said...

miriam: I do. The boots were supposed to come up over the knee cap, but on me they just come up to the knee. The photo of the red pants makes them look a bit longer than they are, weird.

drollgirl said...

that is a great deal for a lot of pieces!!!! you are all set!

Vic said...

Great clothes, Diane! I'm going to follow the link, because suddenly I hate all my clothes.

Do they sell anything for people with short legs? :)

diane said...

drollgirl: One would think that I'm all set, but I'm still craving more stuff. Is that normal? I think I need to go get some "help".

Vic: Lots of their pants have different inseam measurements, so you are in luck. If I can't find the right length, I just get them long and have my tailor alter them.

Joanna Jenkins said...

More great stuff at great prices. You rock!
Have a fun weekend.

chicmuse said...

nice picks


La Couturier said...

All this?!

You really are the queen of shopping.

And those red pants are amazing!

La C.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I love your style! What a fun post!

Hope you have a great weekend!


diane said...

Joanna J: Hop in the car, let's go.

chicmuse: Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is cool.

La C: I know, right?

Tracey: That's only because we dress alike. Have a nice week end too. xo

Kristin said...

LOVING those red slacks!!

Cait said...

I so love the blue dress! It would even be cute with boots for winter and thermal shirt underneath..I know I still dress like I'm from Watertown from time to time...hahahaa..& my dad just informed to today it was going to be a horrible winter.

JFK Jean said...

Wow, I love just about every piece there. You definitely came away with a bargain for under $200. Only women can gets deals like that and still look very chic.

If you really wanna be crazy, pair that shawl cardigan in the aqua blue with the red trousers and a neutral show. Then post pics so I can see how it came out haha.....

michellehendra said...

lovely shoes! :)) i love them all.. :)

mo.stoneskin said...

But what about something for the gents?

diane said...

Kristin: They are my favorite piece.

Cait: I already wore that out to dinner. It's so easy. Just pull it on and add shoes.

JFK Jean: I just might do that.

Michellehendra: It makes winter not so bad, eh?

Mo S: Since I wasn't wearing any of these, I could have posted a naked pic, but you'll just have to use your imagination.

Laura Trevey said...

These are awesome!!!

Super weekend to you,


Hippiegirl said...

i really like the first outfit :)
i'd definitely wear it!

Girl Interrupted said...

Really nice pieces, Diane, and so versatile and interchangeable!