Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love this old factory in my hometown. It's empty. I keep wishing someone would open up a "sample" shop in it.

Like this building, I have been empty too, I have writer's block. My posts and comments have been scarce, and will be, until I can get over it. After my cup runneth over with praise, I went into hiding, so to speak. It felt like pressure, and I haven't been able to come up with anything creative.

See you around the block, xo d


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Just glad to hear it's only writer's block! I was wondering where you were and then I saw your comment on Joanna's blog yesterday.
I was thinking about you yesterday too!

Hugs and love,

Isabel said...

Hey, we all need blog breaks once in a while. I get it all the time. I'll be awaiting your return, Diane!

Bella said...

Yes, I think so many of us have been there... but I try to keep an upbeat perspective, because as we know, things don't always happen when we want them to. And sometimes it's actually what transpires we aren't doing anything that makes a difference.

Sending you a bundle of hugs xx

diane said...

Tracey, Isa, and Bella, thank you for your lovely comments. Maybe a little break is all I need. It is summertime, after all. Hugs right back at you, xo d

Prunella Jones said...

Ooo I like that place. It looks like an old church, or maybe a funeral parlor.

I think maybe writer's block is your brain's way of telling you to take a break and chill. Or maybe demanding you feed it alcohol/drugs. That's why I do both just to be safe.

diane said...

Pru: I love the way you look at things, you crack me up.

Lulu said...

Awww MAAAAANN!!! I'm back and you're blocked. Does this have anything to do with why your pants were fitting better in a previous post? And now you're 'blocked?'


Jeez, I crack myself up.

You will get OVER IT!! Besides, your fabulousity at 50% is better than mine at Not that I'm mathy...

Love, Lu

Cait said...

you must keep must.

thanks for the note. thank you for reading.

miriam said...

glad you're taking a break and filling yourself up with some creativeness.

i think you should open that sample shop!