Sunday, August 9, 2009

Since it's Sunday

The real question here is, how long do you think some guy was staring at his dog's butt before he saw Jesus?


JFK Jean said...

I only saw it in the bread and the wall shot.

I just realized that your just downright sick...and I like it haha

My answer to the question at hand...3 days!

SkylersDad said...

My question is how long do you let crud and mold build up on the wall until you see Jesus?

jadedj said...

That's not Jesus, that's Michael Jackson.

Vic said...

The chip picture looks like a bunny rabbit.

diane said...

JFK Jean: Look again. Clue: butthole is the head.

SkylersDad: I never really thought of it that way. I wonder if I can see Jesus in my refrigerator. hmmmmm.

jadedj: Are we all going to start having Michael Jackson sightings a la Elvis?

Vic: Try as I may, I can't see the bunny. But your perspective is really cute. xo

Prunella Jones said...

The one on the wall is the only one I really see and it looks more like Kenny Loggins than Jesus.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I see Jesus in all of those pictures except the toast picture. Is this a test?

I wonder if that dog's shit is Holy.


drollgirl said...

AHAHAH! it is funny how some people discover jesus.

cait said...

where in the world did you find creepy...but funny.

Oh..where do I get my ideas..humm..actually, for this I kept thinking of all the things our ya lib. could have done, but didn't. He does the same lame stuff year after year. My boyfriends' brother's girlfriend did get a local band *my boyfriend's bro's band to perform for her local GLAD chaper she's the president of. And the local high school will let the lib. even take it for the night without any problems, but our YA lib., well..he'd rather do something not so productive. But I go to local plays at the high school through out the year and they do get donations from local grocery stores for their "goodies" you can buy and support the 'drama dept.' yeah, I can think of ways our YA program could be so much better. But we get this cool looking dude who really isn't all that cool when it comes to the ya reading program...& I do worry that he might get in trouble some day coming on to the wrong person.

Thanks so much for the note.

Choo said...

I think that he realized that is a face there a few days after he buys that.
I am scarry about that:\

diane said...

Pru: Or maybe Messina.

Tracey: It is, and we all failed. Welcome to detention.

drollgirl: I think the one on the wall and the one in the toast had some help.

Cait: Yes! I think they're creepy too, Thank you.

Choo: I am scary about that he buys a face.

Raigan said...

Your comment seriously made my day like totally and completley! And you're so right about little kids being so direct, at times it can be very rewarding though. Such as the times when they actually point out GOOD things haha!

Those photos made me chuckle, the only one that i ever would've been like "oh my gosh it's jesus!" was the one on the like corner of that wall.

Thanks so much again for your sweet comment, and trust me you are not an old lady :)

Have a great weekend!


p.s. i kind of abandoned A Taste of the Good Life so if you feel like reading anything else, i have a new blog called hummingbird and the link is on my profile :)

Lulu said...

Thank goodness no one hit Jesus with some bleach - but that's the only one that is recognizable to me.

But why would He be hiding by the tub? a bit creeepy.

nycrun said...

what a connection among face shapes

pixelhazard said...

Yeah I ask myself questions like that when I hear about things like this. How did the first person discover they could fit their entire fist in their mouth?

diane said...

Raigan: (love your name,btw) I'm glad I could help. I'll check your profile for your new link.

Lulu: Haha, I never thought of that!

nycrun: I love connections with face shapes. They're everywhere, in wood grains, clouds, ect.

Pixelhazard: The "fist" person obviously had too much time on their hands.

mo.stoneskin said...

Revolting. The butts, not the toast. What would be worse is a toast that had the image of a dog's butt.

diane said...

Mo S: What a truly revolting concept, I'll see what I can find.
btw, where's that shipping address?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I see Him in the toast today.

Can I leave detention now? I'm on vacation!! he he he


erin said...

I have a really weird fear/hatred of mold and that pic of jesus in the bathroom wall mold just ruined my freaking day.

Just kidding, the laundry ruined my day!

Jack Daniel said...

This is surreal! I've seen many images on television of Jesus and Maria. Some people believe that when you see an image of Jesus or Maria, it will give you all the luck in the world.

Girl Interrupted said...

I love stuff like this ... I can see Jesus in all of them.

Praise the lord!

Except the toast ... that's clearly Che Guevara