Thursday, September 3, 2009


Women have many moods,
many colors.

We are strong,
we are vulnerable.

We laugh,
we cry.

Our hearts break,
our hearts mend.

We know exactly what we're doing,
we can't remember why we came into the kitchen.

We are many,
sometimes we feel totally alone.

We are a puzzle called woman.
If you can unlock the puzzle,
you are a lucky soul.

This is my way of reaching out to a special friend, she will know who she is. But I am dedicating this to all of my women friends. Thank god we have each other.

Love and lollipops, xo d


Isabel said...

Did you write this? I love it.

The Peach Tart said...

This is beautiful.

SkylersDad said...

Men have two moods, thirsty and horny.

No really, that was a lovely piece you wrote.

diane said...

Isa: Thank you, I wrote it.

The Peach Tart: You are beautiful.

SkylersDad: Cute Hubby says men have three moods, the third one is bored.

La Couturier said...

I agree (:

And I love skylarsdad's comment (: SO TRUE. And your reply!

La C.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

What a lovely post! Sorry I was so scatter-brained today with your email! Just say no!

Happy weekend, Diane!

Hugs and love,

MARISA said...

you wrote this?

it is so good

Vic said...

I liked that. The line about coming into the kitchen made me laugh, because it's true of every woman I know.

How did they stick that green guy to the wall?

diane said...

Vic: They "flipped" the camera. That person is actually on the floor. That's just my guess.

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a fabulous poem Diane! Great, great, great!
Thanks for sharing.

JFK Jean said...

Love and lollipops indeed....

Skyler's Dad: Line of the month!!!!

mo.stoneskin said...

Woman are puzzles? Hmm, I'm not so sure. Puzzles, in theory, can be solved. Woman, in practice, cannot be solved. Besides, I've never seen a woman for sale in a puzzle shop.

miriam said...

so beautiful, D. i hope your dear friend is ok.

Bella said...

Your poem couldn't be more accurate... it's perfect, it's lovely! xxx

Cait said...

Words of wisdom. Thanks. Thanks for the note too. Hope you have a fab weekend.


Did you write this? Very beautiful.

Prunella Jones said...

Your lovely poem made me smile. I'm very happy to be a part of this gender.

cait said...

glad i cleared that up. its funny though, the friendships we keep especially with women my age. Its so flighty, it that way for everyone?

I was suppose to go out with a friend today who's in from her new teaching job..I'm still waiting to hear from her. I can only take this soooo long.

Miss Eve said...

I love this post...and these thoughts are beyond beautiful...

Have a great Monday dear Diane, much love: Evi

Jack Daniel said...

Women are so different from men. But then again they're not.

I think women are as naughty as the men, as the men are more open and communicative about their weaknesses and women are masters of keeping (naughty) secrets.

I still can't read a lady if she's into me or not. Such mysterious creatures...

Girl Interrupted said...

That was lovely. It actually made me cry a little bit ... but I'm very emotional today, it's one of those days.

Here's to women and friendship x