Monday, November 23, 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I like the assortment of old buildings in my neighborhood, the selection is endless. This one reminds me of a jail in Tiauna, not that I've ever been in one.

Totally unrelated, the other photo demonstrates how I'm feeling about Big Bertha these days. The shot is through the window, with my "wedding" crystal hanging over her like a big wrecking ball. She just sits there, unsold, like a little nest egg waiting to hatch. For those of you who may not know, the crystal was hanging in the woods creating rainbows all over the leaves on the day Cute Hubby and I were married. I think this photo has deep meaning. If you can figure out what that is, maybe you can let me know.

On another note, and without photo back-up, I am the victim of a bad dye job. I touched up my hair with a product that I don't normally use, because it was on sale. So now I am totally rocking the two-tone hair, in a really bad/non hip way. Just in time for Thanksgiving. yea.

Almost forgot, there's a weird smell coming from my basement.

Happy Merde-day everyone.


mo.stoneskin said...

Weird smell? How weird? Weird as the smell of an alien's aftershave?

diane said...

Mo.: That would be a lot cooler than this odor. It's more like bad sewer backing up through the pipes, ewwww.

SkylersDad said...

Is it possible the smell is coming from some new form of life the chemicals has created?

diane said...

Chris: Sure.

diane said...

Mo.: Cute Hubby's response to your question was: More like the smell of an alien's *ss.

Tracey said...

Sorry about the smell. We are both rockin the 2 toned hair. I'm remembering why I've been blonde for so long. My gray hair doesn't really take brown all that well. My roots are red and the rest is well, kinda greenish. Nice! I'm going to put some highlights in tomorrow. You might want to burn some incense downstairs!!


blueviolet said...

You need to figure out what the smell is. What if it's death? Like a mouse or some icky creature? Make your husband go check! ;)

diane said...

Tracey: I'm sorry to hear that. I've decided to live with mine and let it slowly "blend".
Incense is a really good idea, now where is that box from my hippie days?

Blue Violet: Welcome to my blog. I checked out yours too. Can I borrow one of your boxes to bury my dead mouse in?

Joanna Jenkins said...

:...the crystal was hanging in the woods creating rainbows all over the leaves on the day Cute Hubby and I were married..." I LOVE THAT! IT sounds so dreamy and romantic.

Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get back to visit this week. (I'm cooking.) I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


drollgirl said...

ack! i no longer color my own hair -- i have had too many accidents with color! hahahah.

and hope you get to the bottom of that smell (pardon the expression)!

Deana said...

Girl, rewind to me in August....I feel for you and your hair. I felt so terrible when I had my bad dye job and still in November my hair is just bouncing back. I hope you are doing alright...I am curious to see how it looks.

Deua~* said...

Uh-oh. I hope you don't get a bad case of flooding basement!

Cait said...

cool building.

hmmm..well, I hate when that happens with dye..darn it!

Hope you find out what that smell is.

Miss Eve said...

Dear Diane!

I'm sure you look totally awesome with your not exactly perfect hair too :-) However the way you wrote about it made me smile :-) Love your humor.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Cheers: Evi

Ps: I also left a little comment under the post about your beautiful grand daughter.

miriam said...

haha, happy merde day to you too!

Marian said...

hello darling, sorry to hear about the two tone hair! will you be re-dyeing it? I'm not the best with hair but would give tips on what you could do if i was!

i love image of the building, hehhe it does look like a jail hehhehe

happy tuesday honey

diane said...

Joanna: Thanks for the warm wishes, and good luck with your cooking. I think a lot of us will be MIA until after next week-end. Happy Thanksgiving honey.

Drolly: I've come up with a plan; for the hair, not the smell. Stay tuned.

Dooder: I know! I thought of you immediately.

Deua-*: Funny you should say that. Last winter we had that problem.

Cait: The photo doesn't do it justice. The lighting fixtures next to the door are really old.

Evi: Thank you so much honey. I hope your holiday is full of hugs and love with your family.

miriam: I knew you would "get" it.

Marian: I know, it stinks that we live so far from each other. I would love it if we were neighbors, and could solve each other's beauty dilemas. Thanks for the support sweetie, it's already starting to blend (the hair, not the smell).

Jack Daniel said...

This building looks so creepy.....and I get the vibe there's not many people living in your town, or am I wrong? ;)

diane said...

JD: We live in the mountains, but the photo gives the impression that it is more deserted than it is.

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