Monday, November 9, 2009

It's All For You, Enjoy.

Dominica, of Faces and Places of Antwerp, has graciously given me the Splash award. Thank you so much Domi! I thought I would combine it with an award passed on from Deanna, of Dooder City. Thank you Dooder!
My version is:
Awarding 7 people, including links that take you straight to one of my favorite posts that they've done.
And posting 7 random photos, that appeal to me for whatever reason, from my blog.

1. Dr. Zibbs, of That Blue Yak, because not only are his posts funny, his comment section is hilarious.

2. Kate, of A World So Small, because her sense of humor is edgy in spite of the fact that she's very much a lady. She is also MIA lately, and I wish she would come back to us.

3. Drollgirl, for her thought inspiring pictorials. I love her taste in art.

4. Moannie, of The View from This End, for her beautiful writing style and wonderful illustrations.

5. Vic, of What Were You Thinking?, because she makes me laugh so hard that milk comes out of my nose.

6. Miss Yvonne, of Yo Mama's Blog, because her posts are so funny, that I will go back and re-read them.

7. Pru, of Prunella de Ville, because she makes me want to be funnier. Her honesty combined with humor is a killer duo. She is also MIA lately.

Be sure to click on their links if you have a minute, it's fast, and you're guaranteed a good time.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

staring at the man butt slightly too long.

Lulu said...

Yeah, I haven't been around in a while, as you know but ummmm....thanks for the monkey cheek guy.

diane said...

Martinis or Diaper Genies?: That shot was from Vogue. Poor guy will forever be known as Vogue's "*ss man".

Lulu: I got all excited and clappy when I saw your comment, so I ran right over to your place. No new post, hmmmmm. Are you still sick? That sucks. If that darn flu shows it's face around here, I'll kick it in the nuts for you, o.k.?

Dr Zibbs said...

Ooooh well thank you!

diane said...

zibbsy: You are most welcome. Did you see which post of yours I linked to, hehe?

Vic said...

Thanks for the award!! I'd forgotten about that post :) Your pictures, as usual, are so cool (I have to admit that I,too, was drawn to the glute man...)

I should probably go write a post now. After I find the leftover Halloween candy.

Miss Yvonne said...

Awww, thank you! I know you totally put that last picture up just for me. Because I like butts. And also, you know, art.

Faboulista said...

wow congrats for the award. the man's butt in that pic defintly makes u look a bit too long. hihi

diane said...

Vic: I love that post; the buildup and then having your thunder stolen. You poor girl! You deserve more than sale candy from the last holiday. Why don't you splurge on a bag of m&ms?

Miss Yvonne: Yes, I have read in your blog about many different body parts, true that. And some pretty funky art, too, like "penis straws", which actually incorporate the two.

Mina: Should I post more photos of buff butts? What do you think?

Deana said...

I love your spin on this!!! It' great I think I'm going to respin this sometime this week...stay tuned. I am a HUGE fan of drollgirl..she cracks me up.

Joanna Jenkins said...

First, that guy has a nice butt :-)

You are sooooo right on the blogs you selected. I just read the posts and, WOW! I'm following a couple of new blogs! Thanks! I liked that you linked to your favorite posts.


XAVS said...


diane said...

Deana: I can hardly wait to see your 7 random photos, as you are the "Queen" of the pictorial.

Joanna: That's it, I'm definitely going to have to come up with more butt shots to satisfy this crowd.
I'm so glad you took the time to read some of those posts, good for you! :)

XAVS: Thanks.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hey Diane! :) It's me, I'm still alive ... thank you so much for the award and link love!! You know it means a lot to me, especially when I've been such a slacker and really not done anything worthy of an award in ages :/

I shall gird my loins and make a supreme effort to find time and inspiration enough to post something asap.

Hope all is well with you :) miss you xx

Ps: Hahaha @ all the comments on the bloke in the scandalously tight trousers!!! :P I confess I was going to make a likewise comment but I see it's more than adequately taken care of! Great pics as always x

drollgirl said...

diane! congratulations on your awards, and thank you for passing on to me! and thank you for your lovely words about my blog. it gave me my first smile of the day. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i need to check out these other blogs STAT!

Moannie said...

Now a sight for sore eyes, ces't derrierre! Seen one just like it half a century ago-

Um! [tearing herself away] Thank you so much for giving me an award...I shall ask Sazzie to fix it up for me.
And I shall go and visit the others, 'cos if you have nominated them they have to be good.

diane said...

Kate: She LIVES! She BREATHES! Is it REALLY YOU? My god, I suddenly feel like a miracle worker.
The bloke in the scandalously tight trousers is definitely "stare" worthy, and comment worthy. I'll have to make a habit of posting more stuff like that, just to keep you coming back.

Drolly: I think it's already understood amongst the masses that your blog is great. I'm just the messenger.

Moannie: Well said about the derriere, which proves my point about your writing. I really hope some of my bloggy chums give your blog a read, they'll be hooked.

Cait said...

what a nice butt..hahaha..

Go you!

Jocelyn said...

Great choices. Vic makes me shoot stuff out my nose, too. Thank heavens it's not hand lotion. More like coffee.

diane said...

Cait: You wouldn't by chance be talking about the man in the *ss pants, would you?

Jocelyn: Your blog has some pretty funny stuff in it too.
I can't even imagine why you would have hand lotion anywhere near your nose.

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha just noticed. And was wondering why someone left a comment on that post.

I came back to see if anyone mentioned me.

You know I'm like that.

diane said...

zibbsy: Yeah, I expected that you would check on your comment status, but I'm surprised that you left one. :)

miriam said...

congrats to the award, D!

Serena from Style on a String said...

That first fashion shot is WILD.

Style on a String

diane said...

miriam: Meh, it's just an award, on a website. I'm feeling a little bland about it after looking at your fashion shots.

Serena: I would love to look like her for just one minute of one day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Dr Zibbs said...

YOU my loyal friend just got a shout out on my blog.