Saturday, November 14, 2009


Living simply can make us happy. Happiness studies through the years show that what makes us happy isn't stuff.


1. Don't bring any material thing into your home unless you absolutely love it.

2. Live in a home with a cozy environment.

3. Live a balanced life: daydream, relax, prepare a leisurely meal or take a walk.

4. Work no more than 30 minutes from home.

5. Limit your children's extracurricular activities so they don't grow up addicted to constant stimulation.

6. Travel. Living in a different culture fascinates us, excites us, and vitalizes us. It teaches us to live in the present.

7. Spend at least an hour a week in a natural setting. There is nothing more basic than the natural world.

8. Cultivate a practice of silence or solitude, even if it is just 15 to 30 minutes a day.

9. Practice saying "No" to things that don't bring you inner peace and fulfillment. Live consciously and deliberately.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I follow most of those rules! I like living a simple life. I'd travel more if I had more money. I'm working on the more money to travel with part....I'm learning to disconnect from the computer too. It is beautiful outside!

Great post, Diane!


diane said...

Tracey: We had a beautiful day here too. Misty rain, mild, with leftover brightly colored leaves falling from the trees. Hugs right back at you. xo

SkylersDad said...

Very nice!

Dominica said...

such great tips Diane....wish I could walk off into real nature sometimes ... not that easy when you live in the city ... has it's advantages but also disadvantages...
The table looks very inviting...
'smakelijk' !! (enjoy)

Marian said...

Diane I love your recipe for simplicity! such simple but effective rules. A lot of us struggle with these simple things,will try to practice them tons more.
thank you darling!
Hope you and your family are well my sweet.

Dedene said...

I need to tattoo #9 on myself so that I can put that into practice.
Great tips!

diane said...

Chris: Thanks pal.

Domi: That is one of the advantages of living in the mountains, nature. But living in the city has tons of activities.
Thanks for the compliment on my kitchen table.

Marian: The hardest part for me is getting rid of stuff. I'm a clutterbug. I could see where you might have that problem too, because your stuff is all great.
I hope your week-end is fabulous. kiss, kiss. xo

Dedene: That rule is easy to follow in France. I remember an old guy telling me to polish up what I had, instead of throwing things away. I think you've got the advantage there.

Isabel said...

Thanks so much for the leads on sequin jackets! It is much appreciated. I bought a little something today that you might be looking forward to me posting about in the near future if you know what I mean.

Cait said...

cool. My mom didn't stress any of us to do any extra curricular things growing up. Since we didn't have the money to spend on sports, but she spent plenty of time going to the park everyday with us and drawing and writing, as well. And she left the science part to my Dad. We all enjoy gardening because of him.

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i need to modify some things in my life. i spend over 20 hours in a wretched commute to work every week, and it is kind of killing me. ugh. life in the big city is good in some ways, not so great in others. :[

on the upside, it is november 15 today and i sat out in the back yard and read mags and a book in 70 degree weather. now that part i like!!!! :)

diane said...

Isa: Ooooo, how exciting! I can hardly wait.

Cait: Judging by the stories you've told me, I already knew that you have a pretty cool family, you lucky girl.

Drolly: Don't beat yourself up over the commute, these are just basic guidelines. We are all lucky to have work during these hard times.
I'm glad you got to hang outside on such a gorgeous day. I got out for a nice walk before work, so I'm pretty happy.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Look at your gorgeous new blog design! It's fantastic Diane!!!!! Did you just change or have I been in the twilight zone?

This is a great recipe-- I do my best to follow it but the reminder is a good kick in the pants to get outside more.

Have a great week.

diane said...

Joanna: Thank you so much for noticing, yes, I just changed it.
This is a weird time of year to get out more, unless you are fortunate enough to have good weather. I hope you have the kind of week that you are dreaming of. xo d

The Concrete Commentator said...

So true. I need to focus on all of these things a little bit more. One can lose themselves in NYC! i need to start my yoga practice again.
Thanks for reminding me Diane.

diane said...

CC: I love yoga. I've been meaning to get back into it too.

Marian said...

hi honey,love your new layout the header is so bold too!

just tweeted the link for this recipe for simplicity on my twitter as think its truly fab!