Friday, November 6, 2009

Walking on the Thin Ice of a Dusky Dawn

Usually we hang out at the park, on good days, or chill at the house when the weather's crappy. Last night we got to go see Disney on Ice, it was great!
It was good to get out of Dodge City and see something new.
In case you haven't noticed, my blog has morphed from a fun, witty, fashion page, into a daily photo shoot with Babyzilla. I hope to find a balance between the two, but in the meantime, them's the breaks, babycakes.
I will just take one moment here to inform my loyal bloggy chums that I do still try to read your posts, but can't always comment. The reason for this is that Cute Hubby is the Computer Commando as of late, and for some reason I can't comment from his "page".
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go change out of my thermal p.j.'s & bathrobe, Babyzilla's on her way over, and she's spending the night.


Joanna Jenkins said...

We used to go to the Ice Capades when we were kids. It was so big and grand and exciting! it looks like you saw a great show too.

I enjoy seeing Babyzilla so bring on the pics anytime!

Have a fun weekend.

drollgirl said...

i bet the disney on ice thing was fun! sorry about my post today. completely coincidental and completely inappropriate! :)

diane said...

Joanna: I have memories of the Ice Capades too. Disney on Ice was really different from that: there were vendors eveywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. They were hawking there items by walking right through the rows of seats! Needless to say, Babyzilla had a meltdown from having things put right in her face that she couldn't have. Shame on Disney!

Drolly: You are right, it was pure coincidence. You should never have to apologize for your artistic style, least of all to me. I "get" you. :)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Cool pictures! Good luck with Babyzilla. I've been looking for my cannon ball most of the day. I'm just now catching up with all of my internet friends.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

That looks like a lot of fun - I loved ice skating myself as a kid. have a happy weekend :)

diane said...

Tracey: Cannon ball? Wait, I'm coming over.

Dennis: It was fun. Oh, I used to love ice skating as a kid too. Now, I can't stand being cold.

Dominica said...

You did it ! Great pics and our little girls had loads of fun so it seems ! Oh yeah, don't cry now, I've awarded you with the Splash award ! Check out my blog to read more about it ! ;-)

miriam said...

sounds like you had a great time. and i can just agree with joanna. love your pictures of Babyzilla so just bring them on!

diane said...

Domi: Yes, our girls have had a nice treat, between Britney & Disney.
Thanks so much for the award honey, you are too kind. xo

miriam: All righty then, the photos will just keep on comin'. Thanks for the support. xo

Jack Daniel said...

I enjoyed reading your comment on my previous post. You should take pics again with the film camera. Especially of babyzilla. It's just so cool and addicting!

Good to see you're putting up a Sartorialist-ish picture (first picture). I still can't see if the picture with the spiderweb is a picture with real people or fake people? It looks like a 'World of ice skating little dolls' toy.

diane said...

JD: Thanks so much for your support. I would love to get back into "real" photography. As far as the skating photo goes, they are real people. But I love your perspective. xo