Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Chaos

Welcome to Christmas Chaos without a theme. Everything that could be decorated, was. Every door knob has a stocking, every window has a plethora of tiny red & green objects. The tree has been adequately buried underneath lights, garland, and bulbs. The hat rack is now sporting an elf's hat. And Santa has invaded every corner of the home.
Babyzilla walks around with a toy candy cane and a miniature Christmas tree, singing Oh Christmas Tree. (I hope she's not permanently damaged)
What you're NOT seeing is the array of holiday dishes, mugs, bath towels, sheets, cheerful holiday entrance way for the mailman, Christmas wreath pins & earrings, and a whole array of things too numerous to mention, that will surely indicate that we are the jolliest bunch of *ssholes this side of the Mississippi.
God save us.


ModernMom said...

Oh I love it! Do you even have Sanat's in the bathroom? Brilliant!

Dominica said...

I love it all, those 3 first pics ; I totally *heart* them !!
What a great idea to put some deci in the bathroom .... great tip Diane, thanks !!

Big Pissy said...

Looks like your house if a fun place to be for Christmas! Love it! :)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Pretty festive. I could use some of your talent around here!


Eternally Distracted said...

Lots of Christmas cheer going on in this house...yep, you are the jolliest bunch of ***holes ;0))

Jocelyn said...

Like ModernMom, I noticed the Santa in the bathroom! If only he could scrub your toilet with his beard.

Marian said...

Darling Diane,hope your well and having a good weekend.
I love these images,thanks for sharing your xmas decorations,I love when people go all out for the holidays. I bet babyzilla will love xmas!
big kiss dear

Marian said...

darling forgot to say,your christmas chaos as you put it is wonderful for me as It makes me wish I could spend mine with the family

diane said...

MM: You can't kid me, I bet your bathroom was decorated before mine.

Domi: Thanks. I can't wait to see yours. I bet India and Sebastian must be excited.

BP: We are a jolly bunch. Welcome to my blog. :)

Tracey: Way out there in the country like that, I bet your decorations are dreamy.

ED: I love what you did for Mec. You rock!

Jocelyn: I'll never see Santa in quite the same light now.

Marian: Our family is farther and farther apart every year, so Christmas totally rocks for getting every one together. I hope the same for you darling. xo

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am so in the holiday spirit now! Thanks for sharing Diane.

Your tree is my idea of decorated. I love all the glitter and how magical it looks.

Happy holidays,

Dr Zibbs said...

I like that Seasons Greetings card. I think a bigfoot needs to be added.

Yeah, makes no sense but..

Cait said...

hahahaa..santa in the shower???

That tree looks so alive tooo!

Oh, you do it up right. I'm afraid my cats will tear down the tree.

blueviolet said...

I love that! No matter where you look, there's Christmas cheer!

diane said...

Joanna: Thanks & Happy Holidaze, haha.

zibbsy: That's o.k., no one ever expects you to make much sense. No...wait...that's Skywind. never mind.

Cait: Cats have that in common with 3 year olds. That is why my tree is up on a high shelf.

Blueviolet: You catch on pretty quick. Cheers!

miriam (Björn Borg) said...

love it!
especially santa in the shower picture!

mo.stoneskin said...

I like Babyzilla's approach, I may have to try that. It might drive the wife mad though.

diane said...

Miriam: I was just wondering, do you think there might be a photo somewhere of Santa wearing BB's?

Mo.: Your wife might think that you're the one who's nuts if you walk around like that, haha.

cait said...

about the fudge. I've heated it on the stove. Just melt the chips slowly first and add the condensed milk once its melted & the vanilla and whatever else you might want in it. then I just put it on wax paper to chill. Its nice and easy.

We got dumped with snow ..and I hear more tomorrow. Oh, the joy of the holidays!

diane said...

Cait: Thanks so much for sharing your fudge recipe.
Happy Holidays.

drollgirl said...

tis the season! and it looks like you all are REVELING in it! :)

diane said...

Drolly: Tis the season at our house, and even though it looks like it's all about the decorations, it's really all about the FOOD.

Vic said...

Shower Santa!! I'm jealous, Diane - I haven't decorated a thing yet. I'm moving in with you.

diane said...

Vic: Pack your bags, your room is ready.