Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giving, Santa, The Boot

Cute Hubby: Why is your shoe under the chair?

Me: I'm gluing it.

CH: What kind of glue are you using?

Me: Gorilla glue.

Ch: That should hold anything.

It didn't. RIP my beautiful work shoes that I've had for over 10 years. I bought them at The Wild Pair on sale for $5.00. I was the only employee at Prescriptives, and after that Christian Dior, who wore boots to work. I had a doctor's note. Prescriptives was cool with it, Dior was not. Anyways, those boots got me through many years of standing on my feet all day. I will miss them. Would it be wrong to give them a proper burial?

Thanks to Kate, of A World So Small, for my lovely Christmas card and goodies. Kate has been MIA for months, so imagine my surprise and joy at receiving this package from her. I cried.
Kate's taste is right on the money. From the bustier key chain, to the diary, to the little chocolate Santas, to the drunk 50's housewife on the card, she's got me totally pegged. (I don't drink to excess anymore, btw, but I used to) Her gift choices are an extension of the wit we've all come to expect in her blog, which we are sorely missing. Come back to us Kate.

On a final note, my best friend called me on the phone last night to let me know that she came across a bag of letters which I had written to her while I was living in France. Dear girl had saved every one, and tons of photos, too. Isn't funny how stuff like that happens at Christmas time, and then you get all emotional & warm & fuzzy inside? God, I really love this time of year.
We were supposed to get a snow storm last night, so my oldest daughter spent the night (that only makes sense if you know us). Not one flake so far. Ha!


Jocelyn said...

A found bag of letters and unexpected box of goodies come darn close to compensating for a dead boot...I hope!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I didn't know anyone else loved their shoes like I do! Yes, I think a proper burial is in order.

Congrats on the loot.

I think you should take those letter and pictures if your friend will let you and put them in a book and publish it! How fantastic that would be!


diane said...

Jocelyn: Absolutely!

Tracey: Good idea!

Choo said...

lovely dear:)

SkylersDad said...

I had an old pair of Dunham hiking boots I re-soled twice before they finally crapped out. You can't buy really good boots like that anymore.

diane said...

Choo: Thanks.

Chris: I know what you mean. You can get good boots, but they cost a fortune.

my word ver for this comment is sloopyra, haha.

Cait said...

How cool about the letters. Those snow storms are so unpredictable. Here's to find a good new pair of work boots! Cheers!

Mr. Charleston said...

It's hard to part with a loved clothing item. I wear favorite shoes until, like yours, they fall apart. Same with favorite shirts and pants. I guess I look like a ragamuffin about half the time but, what the hell, I'm comfortable. Merry Christmas.

diane said...

Cait: The really cool thing is, everyone I sent letters to saved them. So now I have a huge bag of letters, maybe I should write a book.

Mr. C: I'm sure you look great. Being uncomfortable is the death of fashion.
Merry Christmas right back at ya! xo d

Lulu said...

Will gorilla glue work on my heels? BTW - I love your eye photo - it's perfect. If it were fuzzy - and I'm not saying it is - it would be because you WANTED it to be that way, you being all artsy and all. Thanks for so sweet caring comments! Heart you!
Word ver - taties

You rock my taties off!

diane said...

Lulu: Taties to you! luv ya babe! xo
P.S. Gorilla glue works on everything.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It kills me when a favorite pair of shoes bites the dust :-(