Saturday, January 30, 2010


I hear the farther you go down south, the friendlier they are, till you get to Florida.

Scotland, that's hardly English there. Yous & y'all & the king's english. And this beautiful cockney guy answered us; we couldn't understand a word he said.

I want to play cards so we can stop eating.

There's no wine left for dinner and the stores are all closed. I thought it would last till the morning. Better slow down.

I don't care a lot for some music, but sometimes it makes me want to hear what I do like.

I'm not giving you any reassurance, that's just my sense of humor.

He'll have to sell his BMW and buy a Volkswagon bus. Then he'll be a hippie like the rest of us.

If you're happy, you've already succeeded.

You look like such an angel when you're sleeping, but looks can be deceiving.

He gives me kisses just for coming home.

Sometimes to like a song, you have to write it yourself.


ModernMom said...

Awe...success really is being happy! Love this:)

Jocelyn said...

This is cool. I collect snippets and sound bytes, too.

I wanted to tell you I LOVE your comments--and that, never fear, I nursed my two kids a total of 6 years (and plan a future post wherein I describe my version of heaven, that being nursing my kids). My intent with the post and the forthcoming ones is to figure out why I get so annoyed with the people who are essentially my peers, but who seem to create a lot of falderal around raising kids...and I do include myself...and then how interactions with the world level all that out and allow the kids diverse exposures, no matter what kinds of controlled values imparting the parents did. Anyhow, now I'm worrying that I'm taking over your comments section. I just wanted to thank you for the example of your kids, etc.

lisleman said...

playing cards - the latest diet craze?

SkylersDad said...

Very good!

Lulu said...

Best comment overheard out of context?
"....And that's what I do with these two fingers!"
Stay out of the snow, poppet -

diane said...

ModernMom: Isn't it something, how some people can't find their happy "spot"? Everything amazes me. Everything I taste, everything I see, everything I hear.....everything. I think that's why I'm happy.

Jo: I bet we could compare photos of ourselves nursing "giants".
I love your long comments. You can take over my comment section anytime.

Lisleman: It could be a diet craze if enough people know the same card game.

Chris: Thanks, you're a good teacher.

Lulu: That's hysterical! I can't think of anything as funny as that.

marian said...

"He gives me kisses just for coming home." is so beautiful!

Diane that quote has made my day, how beautiful!

Your posts are always a delight to read.

Sweetie thanks for stopping by and asking about my weekend! I am well thanks, I think a naughty cold is trying to creep up on yours truly but I cant be sick, wont be sick! :)

How is your weekend going darling?
hope the family are well!

diane said...

Marian: I spent my day off watching Babyzilla so that my daughter could finish a school paper. It was too cold (9 degrees) to go outside anyway.
Be sure to take zinc and echinacea a few times a day to keep that cold at a distance. And they say that the best thing you can do for your immune system is to get lots of sleep, I swear. One more thing, lots of warm fluids. xo

Joanna Jenkins said...

"If you're happy, you've already succeeded." Amen to that!

You hang out with some interesting people, Diane :-)

Happy weekend.

diane said...

Thanks Joanna! I bet you do too. Have a nice Sunday. I'll be working a 9 hour shift. sigh.

Don said...

But once you get past Florida things get better.

Dominica said...

@lisleman LOL

diane said...

Don: Until you hit New zealand, then they get wooly.

marian said...

darling wishing you a swell sunday darling.hope your well.

Jack Daniel said...

Your blog looks so cool now. I haven't visited as much as I used to.
To be honest, I don't really undestand this post, but perhaps I've missed something...