Thursday, January 21, 2010

That Should Just About Cover It

I'm just going to cop out and put up a blanket apology.
I was trying to catch up with comments and blogs, but there is just no way.
Yesterday was spent going to see a teary daughter and help her sort a few things out.
Last night was spent at my other daughter's house helping her with Babyzilla (who is feeling somewhat better), and then the whole day today was spent there too.
I just got home an hour ago, and sadly, I just can't get to everybody's wonderful posts, and man, I feel like I am really missing out.
Now Cute Hubby just walked in the door, just in time to take over the computer, which he has got down to a fine art.
So, my bloggy chum-chums, I will say "I'm Sorry" from the bottom of my heart. I'll try my best to catch up to your worlds tomorrow morning before work, sigh.


Vic said...

Hang in there, Diane! Hope everyone there is doing better (they have you, how could they not?), and that your purse is safely home. :)

See you soon --

Joanna Jenkins said...

No apologizes necessary Diane. I'm a no pressure blogger.

Enjoy the weekend and put your feet up.


XAVS said...

Don't worry Diane! Take your time!!!

Don said...

I'm ok you're ok.

Girl Interrupted said...

No need to apologise :) I hope you and your family are all ok and that you get a much-deserved, relaxing weekend.

Thinking of you xx

Dominica said...

No worries ! I'm drowning in work too and everybody that liturally lives close to me does NOT understand !! hehe...
Some people are working their arses off and I've tried to explain my life is not about having late lunches and drinking coffee only !!
If this was the only thing I would do with my life, hell yeah..I could read blogs all day long!
But I always enjoy Sunday mornings, when every1 is still asleep, and I'm catching up on my blogreading !
I totally understand and we still love you !!