Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wall to Wall America

I just recently came across a book called Wall to Wall America by Karal Ann Marling, about Post Office murals in the Great Depression. It's a wonderful book, full of beautiful artwork. Although I knew that Cute Hubby's grandfather's mural was in it, I had no idea what a key player he was in opening up "official" venues for cubists & modernists in the United States. Up until the 30's, this kind of art form was still considered too radical for any kind of government display. Cute Hubby's grandfather, Lloyd Raymond Ney, fought long and hard to have his mural excepted by the people responsible for the mural project. He didn't take "no" for an answer, even packing his bags and following one of his opposers to Florida to plead his case.
It was a long process, but he finally won.
Finding this out made me feel proud to have some kind of connection (even though by marriage) with someone who knew the importance of standing by their ideals. I've always loved his artwork, but now I look at it with new eyes. I think anyone lucky enough to have one of Ney's paintings in their possession should never take it for granted. He alone was responsible for opening up opportunities for artists that they otherwise never would have had.


ModernMom said...

That is truly amazing! What a great connection to have!

Tracey said...

That is really cool! I'll have to check it out.

It's much better than the author who wrote about my Hubby's uncle on death row for killing his wife.

Your family is way more awesome than ours!


P.S. Thanks for all of your supportive comments. I'll catch up with you and your posts tomorrow.

drollgirl said...

what a radical story!!! and i am so glad he followed through and MADE this happen!!! RIGHT ON!!!

marian said...

How amzing that cute hubbys grandad played such an important role! I would love to browse through the whole book. SOunds like it is one to add to the collection.
kisses dear

diane said...

Tracey: Honey, if you only knew. I've got a few skeletons of my own.

Drolly: I had to find this out from a book, that's what gets me.

Joanna Jenkins said...

How cool is that and how wonderful it is for you and your family to have his work in that book.