Friday, February 19, 2010

A Yardstick for Lunatics

This is a small selection of stuff I was forbidden to watch on t.v. when I was a kid, basically because they were "demonic".
I would sneak over to my friend's house after school in 6th grade to watch Dark Shadows, the most ridiculous vampire show in history.
I thought Agnes Moorehead's make-up in Bewitched was genius, I still do.
Mike Nesmith of the Monkees was too cool. In 1981, his company, Pacific Arts, put out "video records". Yep, you got it, the first music videos.
Laugh-In was political satire at it's finest. They poked fun at everything, and made people laugh hard at themselves and their cocktail generation.
I Dream of Jeannie poked fun at Nasa, what more needs to be said about that?
I never saw the harm in any of these shows. To this day, I still love What Am I Doin Hangin Round, sung by the Monkees.


Middle Aged Woman said...

What am I doin' hangin' 'round?
I should be on that train and gone
I should be ridin' on that train to San Antone
What am I doin' hangin' 'round?

Love the Monkees, and Mike Nesmith in particular. He was the one true musician/songwriter in the group.

diane said...

Maw: Amen to that.

Don said...

Sock it to me!

drollgirl said...

your parents had some of the strange rules that mine did! i LOVED bewitched! and i dream of jeanie! they still seem pretty innocent and fab to me!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I love her eye makeup in that last picture. I wonder if I could pull off that look these days. What do you think?


diane said...

Don: You bet your bippie.

Drolly: There are a few of us in our little bloggy circle who had WAY strict parents.

Tracey: If Agnes Moorehead could get away with it, so could you.

cait said...

Dark Shadows is so much better than Twilight. I read something that S.E. Hinton's adult book was based on Dark Shadows fan fiction if only she'd came right out and said it..I might have been more interested in the book. & it seems even Sony is trying to tap in to kids buying mp3's by having Big Time Rush (a boyband)on NICK that aren't quite as wonderful as the Monkees.

Hope the snow is melting faster quicker there than here. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

Dominica said...

Wow, look at those eyes in that last picture !!

Dominica said...

PS I wasn't allowed to watch Dallas !!