Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Morning My Dumpling

As you can see, breakfast is reallllll healthy this morning. Yup, that's an apple dumpling baked in heavy cream, hallelujah.
Please excuse the smeary mirror outfit post, it's hard to clean properly on a sugar high.
shirt: Free People
tank: Sparkle & Fade
cropped jeans: Aeropostale
heavy wool socks: Laura Ashley
sneakers: Vans prison issue


drollgirl said...

that looks like a hell of a breakfast! YUM!

Don said...

OK, you're making me hungry. Maegan said...

omg that dumpling looks delish!! ...and you look adorable! :)

marian said...

Yum yum to your breakfast! That picture is a cute one of you!you look adorable

Mel Spillman artwork said...

the outfit is what I like to call
"casual charm"

love that the socks are from laura ashley!

Dominica said...

is that guitar yours or cute hubsters ?

diane said...

It's CH's, but I can play it (somewhat).