Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babyzilla Update, or Christmas in July

This series of photos is in response to the requests for a Babyzilla Update.
She's making the most of her summer, with a month off from school.
Somehow though, she is still "one with the Christmas".
Rock on Baby Girl.


marian said...

she is growing up fast!such a cutie

Joanna Jenkins said...

Thanks Diane! Look how big your sweet girl is getting... and more beautiful too. Hope your summer is going well-- It looks like the Snoopy Park was a blast!
Thanks for the update.
xo jj

Vic said...

She's adorable!

Girl Interrupted said...

Aww, she's gorgeous, it's scary how fast children grow-up.

I'm the biggest Snoopy fan and I'm extremely jealous :( It's lovely to see her having such a wonderful summer though.

Love n hugs xx

The Red Umbrella said...

Every day is Christmas!

Dominica said...

Oh how she has grown since the last pics you posted about her ! Her hair looks a bit longer too, doesn't it ?
The Snoopy boat looked a bit scary at first sight, it seemed to be fallin' into the water but then I saw it was only Snoopy and his friends in it ! LOL