Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Herb from WKRP

Herb was getting out of his car. It was a nice car, a classic. "Hey buddy", someone called from across the parking lot. "I'd give my left nut for that car." This provoked the mandatory smile and half-wave, practiced many times since purchasing the vehicle, as if in some kind of parade. "What am I going to do with three nuts?" he thought as he entered the pub.
The pub was lively tonight, with workers and dolls chattering away over suds and shots. Anita O'Day's Tea for Two on the jukebox was adding to the confusion. Herb sat down at the bar and ordered a mug of Murphys and a plate of dogs & pierogies simmered in beer. He glanced over to the window just in time to see a toddler pulling against his father on the sidewalk. "His will is strong" he thought. Sitting at a table by the window was a pretty girl with spiky red hair, in animated conversation with another girl about the same age. "A beautiful song is worth more than..." she was saying, but her words were drowned out by Tears from Heaven.
Pretty much just another night like many others ensued. Herb sipped his Murphys, ate his dinner, and drove home. That's about as social as his life ever got.
Funny that his name means something that adds flavor. Herb's presence at the pub didn't add anything at all.

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Diane, That was terrific! xoo jj