Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kelly's Irish Pub, Lansford Pa.

Regional dining at it's best. Halupki (cabbage roll) and a glass of beer. This was so good, that Cute Hubby kept stealing mouthfuls even though he had a delicious mushroom-onion burger & fries.
Kelly's also serves authentic Irish dishes like, you guessed it, Irish stew. And they make coalminer's pie, which is a meat & potato dish.
I'm in love with their salsa & chips, which are made from scratch. I think he should market them, they're that good.
Barney (the owner) is personable and quick to say "It's a good day in the valley". Kelly, his wife, bartends on slow nights, and waits tables. In the wintertime, you have a choice of two fireplaces you can dine near. Truly a lucky find, and one of our favorites.


Dominica said...

That dish looks yummie. I wanna tuck in instantly and I'm a big bread fan...that's the first thing that caught my eye. Is this a place near your home Diane ?

Don't Shoe Me said...

disk looks great...cool paintings


ching said...

lovely paintings. as well as the people in the pub.


diane said...

Domi: Right down the road, I walk past it all the time.
I know what you mean about bread, mmmmm, warm bread with butter.