Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank You Blogger Buddies

Thank you, yes YOU! All of your wonderful comments on the WOW post really made a difference to that little girl. She is really picked on in school, due to a speech impediment, and all of your wonderful comments were just the boost to her morale that was needed.
Whoever said that what bloggers do isn't important has a head full of hay. Thanks again to all of you! xo diane


Joanna Jenkins said...

Then I'll say it again-- SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
xoxox jj

S.Elisabeth said...

Aw =( She's picked on? Why are kids so mean? If I were her, I'd just pull some kick ass punch at someone and they'd probably all leave alone (just kidding, but that'd be pretty awesome).

And she IS gorgeous, seriously someone get her some modeling work asap. I'm glad our comments made her happier, just know they're not out of kindness, but simple truth!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm sorry I've been away too long. I have your number saved in my contacts and I want to call you everyday but my life is busy beyond my control. I do know that I'm working too hard for my money....

Love you lots!
That will never change.

I love your new layout.

Dominica said...

Would she pose for me ? Why do all the best faces live so far away !! No really, am bloody serious ... I could send something over, let her pose in it and she could keep it as a gift ! Will you meet her again Diane ??
Kids are very mean !! I really 'hate' them sometimes and I'm doin' my best to let my kids know, picking on other people is not in my book and not appreciated !!

Dr Zibbs said...

I had a speech impediment until about 5th grade and had to go to speech class at school.