Thursday, September 2, 2010


Blondie performed ten miles from my house last night, in a small venue. I didn't go. The Tide is High is one of "our" songs. In recent years I saw Debbie Harry out-sing Jessica Simpson on an award show. JS was trying so hard to keep up that it looked like she was going to pop a vein in her neck. Debbie Harry's voice was clear as a bell and she sang with grace. I would have loved to have seen her perform last night. Instead we had whole wheat pasta topped with sauteed chicken in diced tomatoes. It was a quiet night.


drollgirl said...

she is fab. and i am so glad that she can still belt it out!!!

Dominica said...

I SO heart Blondie ... sometimes, I'd like to dye my hair back blonde but with that black lower neck hair like she had !! She was an icon and still is ; am still looking for a T with her face on it !!
My ultimate Blondie song : Atomic !