Sunday, September 19, 2010

Help Me Make it Through the Day

Susie Bubbles aka Stylebubble posted a photo of herself on her blog today which made me think that she had mugged a bag lady and stolen her clothes. She's well aware of her fashion faux pas, and commented that due to the pace of fashion-blogging, she is exhausted. (not in those exact words) In addition, she stated that some bloggers have assistants to help them through fashion week, and that maybe she should get one too. HAVE ASSISTANTS, PEOPLE!!!
So here's my question: Have some bloggers become glorified reporters?
The photo of Britney Spears with photographers doesn't really relate to the story, I just like her a lot.


lancelonie said...

I'm not sure if they have; maybe, if they got the money to pay for assistants. :)

Have a fun week ahead!
~Nelonie aka lancelonie

By the way, I chose your answer last time as my quote of the week. Thanks!

diane said...

Lancelonie, thanks!
For anyone who didn't read the quote, Lancelonie asked how many stars were in the universe. My answer:
Anyone in Hollywood will tell you there are too many.
A child will tell you there are enough for the tops of all of the Christmas trees.
But I will tell you that there are enough for a romantic heart to hold, and they lead the way to the moon.

diane said...

PS Lancelonie, Why did you dissect my quote and only put up partial sentences on your page? It doesn't make any sense that way.

Joanna Jenkins said...

First-- That entire quote was fabulous!

Second-- how do I get an assistant

Third-- I think a lot of bloggers WISH they could call themselves reporters/journalists/reporters. But sadly on a very few can.

Have a great week. jj
PS Thanks for your nice comment to Unknown Mami. xo

Faboulista said...

oh wow seriously? they get assistants now? jeez. i mean in a way it makes sense especially the big ones who have so many appoitments. its the only way i think to keep it sane and keep focusing on the right content. as much as we are dying of jelousy that they are getting so big and getting all this glory if we were in their place we would be doing the same thing.

diane said...

Joanna and Mina, You are both making a very valid point. There is a huge difference between wanting it and DOING it. Those bloggers who need assistants have put in a lot of long hours to get where they are.