Friday, September 17, 2010

Leather Studded Kisses in the Sand

My two favorite fashion faux pas of the day.

Gotcha's twin tower t-shirt with their name on the front. Wasn't anyone really looking at the shirt when they designed it?

Marc Jacob's white eyeliner and frizzy hair. If I tried either one of these looks, or better yet, tried them at the same time......wait.....choking on a piece of pretzel.......hahaha...cough.....gag.....oh never mind.


Ainhoa said...

lovely blog!

Marian said...

hi Diane darling, hope you are well dear. You kindly mentioned seeing commercials pop up when ever you come on my site dear. Do you mean the ad on the right hand side of my site or is it a random pop up?
Thanks hun

diane said...

Marian, it's not a commercial that I can see, it's audio. Today it was a flu shot commercial.