Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Where's My Pog? It's a Slammer." - Jack

I'd say it was a good day:
Babyzilla discovered that the box that holds her toys provides entertainment too.
Dinner consisted of baked curried squash, a lite salad (Good Seasons "natural" dressing, of course), and a mouthwatering blue cheese burger on a toasted whole wheat muffin.
There was also red wine, naturally. Buying the wine was a bit of a strange experience:

I bought two small bottles of wine, one for me & one for someone else. That's not very complicated, is it? The sales woman proceeded to put both bottles into the same bag.

Me: We are two separate people.
The sales woman looks at me like I'm speaking in Proverbs.
Attempt 2, Me: We live in two different houses.
Now the sales woman looks like she wishes there was a button under the counter that would bring the police quickly.
Attempt 3, Me: I am buying one bottle for myself, and the other one for someone else who is over 21. Could you please bag them separately?
Aha! The light goes on, and the saleswoman is finally "home".

On a final note, Selfridges store is opening the largest shoe department in the world on September 23rd. The photo, I'm sure, doesn't do justice to the grandeur and decadence of it all. Regard, the movie theater seats.


Faboulista said...

hahaha what a dumb ass! i hate dumb sales people ! i keep thinking how on earth did u get hired?

diane said...

Mina, I really love your comments when you've been taking cough medicine. Seriously, you get funny when you're a little out of it. Get well soon.

lancelonie said...

LOL! Maybe it'll be better next time. :)

The first two photos are precious!

diane said...

Lancelonie: Thanks. I really like your blog. The concept of daily questions that everyone has a crack at answering is pretty cool.

drollgirl said...

it is so funny that kids find entertainment in pots, pans, containers, and packaging for toys! hooray for imaginations!

and that shoe store looks AWESOME!

Karli said...

I want to have dinner with you again! You always make something amazing, even the picture looks good enough to eat.. mmm mm.