Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zoostock 2010

A good time was had by all, I think especially by the guy who was selling jello shots for the jello shot bus. All proceeds go to the local chapter of the American Cancer Association.
If you look closely at the guy performing on the stage, you will see that he is using an exercise "jiggler".
The inside of the men's room was wallpapered in sexy girl photos, while the ladies room was not worthy of a photo.
This was all taking place less than a 1/2 mile down the road from the Silberline Company, who's night time dumping practices are probably responsible for most of the pollutants that go into the stream behind the town. There is no actual proof of this other than the strong smell that comes wafting across town from that direction.
The other big culprit for pollution is the coal mining company that runs parallel to the town. Thick black sludge builds up on the roadways and houses.
It is my opinion that if these two companies were not in operation, we might not have such a high rate of cancer in this area, being one of the fastest growing cancer rates in the country.


diane said...

I forgot to mention that every trip to the ladies room entailed hearing other women talking about the "seal" being broken, which is a term that I had never heard of before. It pertains to the first pee. I think it's a local "thing".
I wish the photo of the two blonds had turned out better, because they really did look like Barbie & Barbie surfer girls, or maybe the surfer girl's best friends.

Karli said...

You've never heard of breaking the seal? Oh boy, it just means after you pee the first time, it feels like you're going every 5 minutes. Haha, maybe it is a Coal Region thing. I like all the pictures, I wish I had known you were going! I would've stopped down.
You look great, too. I can't wait to see you again!

Faboulista said...

i havent heard of that expression either. but i know the feeling at festivals. u drink so much beer that u keep on going constantly.

Dominica said...

uh oh, cute hubby got himself an admirer !!
Love the pics, especially the 1 with the 'feet up' !

Joanna Jenkins said...

Until I got the the explanation, I was going to say "nice bikes", then I realized this was a fund raiser. I had no idea your area had such a high cancer rate. That's terrible.
xo jj

ModernMom said...

Your pictures made me grin! Looks like a great time:)

drollgirl said...

well it looks like a fun time! i am ESPECIALLY taking note of all of the biker dudes and wishing i was there.

and i am SURE that the cancer rate is linked to those two businesses. when are we going to learn and make this nonsense stop. cancer blows and we have to do more to prevent it.