Saturday, October 23, 2010

You're Not Alone Honey, I'm Right Here With You.

I'm that annoying chick with the camera. Yes, I know I've become a bit narcissistic since you bought it for me, what with all of the self portraits and all, but you're still in the picture. Besides, I was always really unphotogenic before I started taking pictures of myself, word. You, however, look like a movie star in every picture ever taken of you, with the exception of the one where you're holding plankton in front of your face. I actually have no idea why you let me photograph you like that. It's one of those Zen things that I love about you. Like setting the chairs facing the sun. And writing messages of love onto the water filters (oh yes he did) so that we would be drinking perfect water crystals. I didn't set out to write you a love sonnet, but I guess this is kind of one. So there you go.


jadedj said...

I feel like I am in someone's...diary? Beautiful sentiments, though :-)

diane said...

jadedj: It's o.k. to be personal in public once in a while, so long as what should remain private remains so.

Marian said...

what beautiful sentimental post hun

ModernMom said...

I love this sonnet and picture of you! You look and sound so cozy, warm and in love!