Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Hunting

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family.......and food. We are thankful for the abundance of food from harvest and hunting to get us through the winter months. But lo, hunting is not what it used to be. Case in point, Cabelas super/mega hunting store, complete with stuffed animal display and overpriced restaurant (just in case you get hungry and lose your way out). I was intrigued and horrified at the same time.
My kind of hunting is thrifting. I was lucky enough to find an old board game that I used to play as a kid. If anyone knows the name of it, please leave it in the comment section (no, it's not chinese checkers). I immediately set about teaching Cute Hubby how to play the game; we laughed our heads off.
This Thanksgiving I am truly grateful for my family, and for the abundance of food. I'm also grateful to have a place to hang my hat.
Due to the nature of the holiday, I may not be posting for a few days. Happy Holidays everyone. . . . . .and happy hunting.


Tux said...

I believe it is called Wahoo.

Dominica said...

Happy Thanksgiving for you and you dear family Diane xx

Vic said...

Is Cabelas the same as Bass Pro? We have one of those here. Right next to the stairs is a two story fish tank with carp and trout etc., in it. Very weird.

Happy Thanksgiving!

diane said...

Tux, thanks, you're right. It's a form of Aggravation.

Domi, Thank you honey.

Vic, Cabelas and Bass Pro are big competitors. Happy Thanksgiving.

texlahoma said...

I never could get into hunting. I'm glad Tux got it right, I was going to say Yahoo. My Grandma had one of those games, I can still remember, she kept the marbles in an old Wonder bread sack.