Saturday, December 4, 2010

Having a Good Saturday Night? I'm Scrubbing My Tub With My New Earth Friendly Cleanser.

Have you noticed the large variety of Earth friendly cleansers on the market? Method, Seventh Generation, Meyers, to name a few.
The one by Method smells like lavender, and the one by Meyers smells like citron. Take a look
at your grocer shelves and you'll see a really big selection of laundry, dish, and household cleansers that are easy on your planet and pocket. Cheers.


Dominica said...

I try to use wash and softener in eco-version. It's true they are also less agressive to your own skin.

Mel Spillman artwork said...

Love the eco cleansers :)
I also recommend the newest tool in bathroom cleaning...
it's a motorized scrub brush by Scrubbing Bubbles.
It comes with multiple attachments to make eco cleaning a breeze.

texlahoma said...

I'll have to go to a big city grocery store to find those, ours is too small to stock them. I'm just a small town boy, don't even know what citron smells like. I assume it smells like chicken.