Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

And so it is, New Year's Eve. I am suddenly struck with good will.  Feelings of forgiveness and understanding are flooding over me. I'm experiencing violent fits of sneezing paired with exhaustion and cravings for dark chocolate. The unbearable need for shoving my husband away whilst figuring out what is going on in my psyche is.....well, frankly, unbearable. And so,.....I leave it to you, my lambs, to have a happy new year.  shhhhhhhh. just between you and me. Don't read anything sinister into this, we had a lovely time.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Wishing you much dark chocolate and an easy, happy and healthy year, Diane. I hope all is well.

xoxoxo jj

diane said...

Hey Joanna, everything couldn't be better right now, it truly was an amazing holiday season. Hope yours was equally good. xo d